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If you feel that CirclePOS might help you and are happy with the pricing but need to see more detail this demo is for you. You will be walked through the system by an expert and will be able to ask questions as you go.

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CirclePOS trainer Rick

(Europe, UK & US)

More about Rick

Rick is based in Europe and has extensive experience in business systems integration and understanding business needs and requirements.

As well as being able to work out product fit Rick has formidable technical skills and has just completed the implementation of CirclePOS in a 5 site multi national group. If you are based in Europe or have a group with complex technical needs Rick is a good option. Rick is Fluent in Dutch and English.

If you have a quick question email

Call on +353 1437 2536 (Ireland)


CirclePOS trainer Matt


More about Matt

Matt manages two book stores in Australia ( &

Matt is the perfect option if you want to talk to someone that really understands bookselling (because he is one) and if you have multiple stores. Because Matt uses CirclePOS day to day in a real bookstore, he has a good understanding of the complexities of bookselling, and can tell you how CirclePOS works in them. He is also great if you are new to bookselling as he can offer great advice beyond just how to use the system 🙂


CirclePOS trainer Cameron


More about Cameron

Cameron uses CirclePOS in his family bookstore in Australia and is able to give great advice and ideas based on experience. Cameron also has a wealth of experience with CirclePOS not only as a users but in training new stores so understands the challenges of migrating to a new system.