Pricing that is simple and fair and designed to help you grow!

Price is based on size using turnover and number of sites.

There are no terminal or user limits, there are no parts of the system that you have to pay extra to get and you are freely given all new development.

For example,
Harry owns a new bookshop in Melbourne with a single store. So far this year his turnover is $40k AUD.
Circle costs Harry $50 AUD per month.

Jenny owns a group of bookshops with six branches, a head office and 20 sales terminals in New York. Her annual turnover is $3M USD.
Circle costs Jenny $1,350 USD per month.

Use the calculator to work out exactly what Circle would cost (or save!) you. Your store's estimated monthly subscription fee will be emailed to you.

We also offer training, graphic design, data migration and customisation services as required. These help new bookstore owners to get up and running quickly and painlessly.

Email for more information or Contact Us to book a call.

Bookstore system pricing with no upfront fees
Bookstore Software Pricing

Use the calculator for a quick estimation

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Setup support

We also provide setup support to make getting up and running on CirclePOS easy. 
  • Training
  • Graphic design
  • Data migration
  • SEO and traffic monitoring
  • Google Looker studio setup
  • Customisation