All booksellers need to know before using our specialised bookstore POS for selling books online and managing stock

What kind of computer do I need?

Any PC or laptop, Windows and Mac with minimum 8gig RAM and up to date operating systems will work. Check our Circle System Requirements to learn more.

Do you have an integrated POS app?

Our Point of Sale (POS) application software (app) runs separately to the cloud based system but is included in the monthly fees with no licence requirements or user limits.

The POS Application supports :

  • Windows 10
  • OSX
  • Linux (Deb - on request)

Development is underway to support mobile devices.

Does CirclePOS have its own gift voucher system?

Yes, CirclePOS has an integrated gift voucher system.

What kind of scanner and label printers are needed? 

A USB laser scanner, you can consider bluetooth if you want to avoid a cable but we have not tested these and they are a lot more expensive.  Circle System Requirements  document link

What details can we add to the barcode/price sticker?

Shop Name, Title, Invoice Date, Category, Distributor, RRP, Price, Barcode, Site Domain. Using additional barcode/price stickers is an optional feature if this does not suit your business processes.

How long does set up take from start to finish?

Set up takes between 4 to 6 weeks depending on the business’ ability to turn around the set up tasks.  We have a limit of 3 months to the services that are covered, this is to ensure that tasks don't drag or get forgotten.

How does CirclePOS manage the training? 

Training is provided by experts that manage their own bookstores, not just IT people. Cost depends on how many sessions you need but typically it takes 5 one hour sessions to fully train a person. As a rough average you can expect to spend around $300 USD on training. Discounts are available if you buy hours in bulk, in advance. Have a read of The Benefits of Training with CirclePOS or book online training here.

Can we still run the system if we lose internet connection?

The POS client regularly refreshes stock inventory memory to enable trade without internet access. Transactions will be stored and updated automatically once internet access is restored.

Because BackOffice is cloud based, it is will not be accessible until your internet connection is restored.

What data can I migrate into the system?

Stock levels, customer orders, purchase orders, sales history, loyalty balances. Data must be provided in the correct column order and file format csv or Onyx.

I'd prefer a different layout of the website, are there other options?

The set up fees cover development of the standard website design which has been designed to optimise selling online. See this example of our client The Curatoreum 

You can change the Custom Style Sheet (CSS) to create a more unique look and feel. However, using a Custom Style Sheet will require maintenance, especially when our system updates to a new version. Circle does not maintain individual CSS. An example of a site using CSS is Long Story ShortYou are welcome to use your own design contractors in this task on the understanding that we will not be able to support altered web design elements. 

Have a look at Sell More Books with Strategic Web Design Practices, this article is for people who are planning or considering using the CirclePOS website. The aim is to explain what it is and what it is not. In short CirclePOS is optimised to sell books.

Can I process multiple currencies in the system?

The system can only operate in the one chosen currency. You can however receive book pricing in any currency and convert it to your preferred one with our currency converter tool.

Is support covered in my monthly fee?

Yes, we have business hours support queries are received by email and for issues that stop business you can call us during the business support hours AU 8am - 8pm

Please note : Circle Support only covers Circlesoft applications, it does not include support for Hardware or Third Party applications.

Can I sell second hand books with CirclePOS?

Initially designed for new bookstores, CirclePOS now accommodates many second hand bookshops. Special features have been integrated to cater to the unique requirements of second hand bookselling, making it a good solution for stores that deal in both new or second hand books.

Can I sell coffees, beers or jam through the system?

CirclePOS is designed specifically for selling books, but accommodates other items as well.

We don’t have a bricks and mortar store, will the system suit me?

Yes, we have customers who run online only stores and it works well for them.

Can I use the Circle POS app on a mobile device?

Unfortunately at this stage our POS app is not designed for mobile devices (Smart phones, iPads, Chromebooks or tablets). We are currently working on a web version of the POS app which will be able to be used on mobile devices. With all of that being said, our POS app can run while offline, so using a laptop will work as a mobile option, even if you don't have an internet connection.

Can I integrate my Eftpos card terminal into the POS?

Yes, we have integrations with Tyro, Skyzer Nitro and Linkly. Others can be added, contact for more information.

How does Circle make improvements to the system?

Requests for improvements to the system are always gratefully received. If they meet the conditions feasibility and benefit the client community, they can be added to our project list. However, we can give no fixed timings on when or if these requests will be worked on as developments are managed on a priority basis after completion of updates and maintenance.

If your business has a unique or urgent need for a specific development then we can provide at cost customisation for you. Contact Warwick to discuss and get an estimated quote for development time and materials.

What is the difference between Publisher, Agency, and Distributor?
  • Publisher
    • person who commissions and pays for a book to be created.
  • Agency
    • the organisation that promotes a book and provides reps to market books to shops (often the same publisher in larger organisations).
  • Distributor
    • the people who supply you with a physical book.
Do I need my own web domain?

Yes you will need to set up a Web Domain.  You can choose any domain registrar you like as long as they can easily access and update CNAME and A records.

Should we do a stocktake before joining Circle? 

If you are wanting to migrate your stock data into the Circle system, it is important that your data is clean. A stock take after setup is not necessary unless it is needed.

Does CirclePOS have integrations with Electronic Direct Marketing (EDM) suppliers?

Yes, we have an integrations with Mailchimp and OneWay SMS.