Full stack Rails / Front End Developer

About the business

Circle Software develops a SAAS application for bookshops. Circle started in New Zealand and has a strong growing community in Australia and is now aiming to start in other countries. We have developers around the world and are looking to build the team.


  • Google cloud environment and kubernetes
  • Pivotal Tracker for project management
  • Elastic Cloud for performance monitoring/APM
  • GitHub for source control
  • Circle CI, GIT Actions and Semaphore ci for automated tests and deploy
  • Rspec for automated tests
  • Rails on MySQL (Rails4 migrating to R6)
  • Elastic Search
  • Sidekiq
  • Ubuntu web servers hosted in kubernetes
  • C++ for the Point Of Sales Client
  • Vue JS
  • Generally Mac or Linux for the desktop environment

About the role

This is a remote position but we are in the process of building remote clusters so that you have someone close to you to work with. The programming is on a single application and there is a focus on good process and code quality. We are keen to hear from a range for Rails developers Senior and Junior and while a full stack dev is our focus we are also happy to have frontend and SEO specialists apply.

We are flexible about the package and the hours you work. It can be a monthly salary with paid annual leave and national holidays or hourly part time. Whatever works best for you. We are also looking to start an artist in residence program in NZ so if you would like to send some time in NZ, learn to ski, learn to surf, learn to mountain bike, climb mountains sign up!

Are you this person?

Full Stack Developer

  • A strong rails developer with good knowledge in Ruby Object oriented programming and know how to write best practice code.
  • Someone that can solve problems/figure things out.
  • Good with English, spoken and written
  • Pride yourself in writing beautiful code
  • Have experience with testing frameworks Rspec or Mini test
  • Have a strong knowledge SQL and experience in SQL query optimization
  • Have experience in a frontend framework, VUE js recommended
  • Driven to automate, especially devops, have Experience in CI/CD
  • Comfortable working with Linux servers

Front End Developer

  • Have experience in a frontend frameworks, VueJs (or alternative) is recommended
  • Must have strong knowledge with HTML + CSS + Javascript, OOP and know how to write best practice & beautiful code.
  • Has skills to use Figma to create realistic mockups and validate the right concept before implementing the code
  • Manage SEO best practices & page performance
  • Someone that can solve problems/figure things out.
  • Good with English, spoken and written
  • Comfortable working with Linux servers and working with CI / CD setup

Nice to have

  • Have experience working with large scale SAAS applications
  • Experience about kubernetes and docker
  • c++ experience
  • Experience with rails 6
  • Experience in retail.

Benefits and perks

  • Competitive salary
  • Paid sick and paid holidays (if working full time)
  • Flexible work hours
  • Work remote
  • Extensive team support


  1. Write a long form cover letter (no standard letters please) covering your career and how your experience matches up with the person we are looking for and the systems we use. Tell us about how you got into programming and any personal projects.
  2. Tell us what creates good easy to maintain code and when are the main things that contribute to poor code.
  3. Write best practice code in ruby(or VueJS[front end]) to calculate the check digit of an ISBN13 barcode and put it into a Github repo for us to look at.
  4. (For front end dev only) : please deploy your app in netlify so we can see how you create good interface

The algorithm is:

1. Take each digit, from left to right and multiply them alternatively by 1 and 3
2. Sum those numbers
3. Take mod 10 of the summed figure
4. Subtract 10 and if the end number is 10, make it 0

Example for 978014300723:

1. (9×1) + (7×3) + (8×1) + (0×3) + (1×1) + (4×3) + (3×1) + (0×3) + (0×1) + (7×3) + (2×1) + (3×3)
2. 86
3. 86 mod 10 = 6
4. 10 - 6 = 4

Therefore the complete ISBN is: 9780143007234

Send your cover letter and link to Github repo to