The CirclePOS Promotions Tool with Discount Codes for Bookstores is a handy feature that lets bookstores craft personalised online promotions tailored for specific target audiences using discount codes.

Promotions Tool with Discount Codes for Bookstores

Why use Discount Codes for selling books online?

Offering your customers a discount code for shopping online at your bookstore can be a useful strategy for several reasons. Firstly, it incentivises potential book buyers, acting as a compelling nudge that encourages them to make a purchase. People love a good deal, and a discount can be the deciding factor for someone on the fence about buying a book.

Secondly, it creates a sense of urgency. Limited-time promotions or exclusive discounts (targeted to one of your user groups) create FOMO (fear of missing out), prompting quicker decision-making among potential customers. This urgency can drive more immediate and spontaneous book purchases.

Offering discounts can also help attract new customers who might be hesitant to try a new author or genre at full price. It serves as a low-risk entry point, enticing them to explore new literary experiences. For example, you may want to offer $5 off all books in your “Romance” category over the Valentine's day period.

Lastly, a well-promoted discount code can also serve as a marketing tool. It provides a reason to engage with your audience through promotional campaigns, social media, or email newsletters, increasing visibility and generating interest around your books. A percentage promotion for an author’s new book could be applied just for the period covering their book launch.

Key Features of the Promotions Tool with Discount Codes for Bookstores

  • Promotions can be created on item specific titles using ISBNS (one or many), or on specific categories. 
  • Promotions can also be applied across sitewide items.
  • If a specific Customer (or Customer User Group) has an existing % discount, the system will automatically apply the BEST available discount. Eg.. if my Customer Account has a 5% personal discount and the promo has a 10% discount, the web order will have a 10% discount.
  • Discounts can be created as percentages or fixed dollars.
  • Promotions can have start and end dates and times.

Advantages of a Promotions Tool with Discount Codes for Bookstores

Why Use Promotional Codes instead of a traditional sale?

Online promotions using discount codes differ from in-store sales in several key aspects:

  • Accessibility and Reach:
    • Online promotions reach a much wider audience, breaking down geographical barriers.
    • In-store sales are limited to the physical location, catering primarily to local customers.
  • Convenience:
    • Online promotions offer the convenience of shopping from anywhere at any time.
    • In-store sales require customers to physically visit the store, which may be less convenient.
  • Targeting and Personalisation:
    • Online promotions allow for precise targeting and personalisation
    • In-store sales may rely more on general merchandising strategies and may not offer the same level of personalised promotions.
  • Promotion Visibility:
    • Online promotions can be easily shared through digital channels, maximising visibility.
    • In-store sales depend on foot traffic and traditional advertising methods, potentially reaching a smaller audience.
  • Cost:
    • Online promotions can be more cost-effective in terms of reaching a broader audience with lower distribution costs. You can leverage social media, email marketing, and other online channels to promote your products or services. 
    • In-store promotions, on the other hand, may involve costs such as printing materials, in-store displays, and potentially higher labour costs if additional staff is needed.
  • Impulse Buying:
    • Online promotions can capitalise on impulse buying behaviour through strategically placed calls-to-action and limited-time offers.
    • In-store sales may benefit from the immediate availability of products, encouraging spontaneous purchases.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Tracking:
    • Online promotions enable detailed tracking of customer interactions and conversions, providing insights for ROI analysis. CirclePOS offers a detailed report on any promotion, helping you make more informed decisions.
    • In-store sales may have limited tracking capabilities, making it challenging to measure the exact impact of specific promotions.


    • Do titles get discounted when they are tagged with a secondary category?
      • Yes, you don’t need to nominate the ISBN individually; all items in that secondary category should be discounted.
    • Can I create a promotion for a set of ISBNs and Categories simultaneously?
      • Yes, you can create them separately or in one promotion.
      • You can create separate promotions if you prefer a different % or amount of discount.
    • Can I edit an existing promotion?
      • You can edit existing promotions to update the listed ISBN or Category.
      • Simply click the “Edit” button, update the ISBN or Category, and then click the " Update " button.
    • Can customers use the discount code in-store?
      • No, this feature is online only.


    In essence, the Promotions Tool with Discount Codes for Bookstores not only boosts immediate sales but also serves as a strategic tool to attract, retain, and expand your reader base. It’s also a great way to test out discounts on targeted groups, or draw attention to stock that isn’t moving.

    Have a quick look at how the Video demonstration: How the Promotion Tool works

    If you are a CirclePOS customer but didn’t know about this feature there might be other features in the system you’re not aware of. The Benefits of Training with CirclePOS provides a good insight into how one-on-one training can help you get the most out of CirclePOS.

    The CirclePOS Promotions tool goes hand in hand with enhancing customer loyalty

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