Since the Last Update

In September we really jumped into the R6 upgrade with most devs doing something on it. We worked on the web pos and now are close to a MVP (Minimum Viable Product). If you would like to test pos on a phone let support know. Work on the group/association sites and Circle gift card continued. We also made some improvements to the website, Xero, accounts payable, stocktake and the CSV file loader.

New Features

  • Web POS
    • Setup utilities to access POS controller endpoints #179588578
  • Circle Gift Card
    • Added the ability to upload opening balance so that cards from other systems (including current circle vouchers) can be loaded. #179420740
    • Removed the invoice id field from the circle gift cards as it was not being used – 179422825
    • Amalgamated the setting of buyer and activation of card into one service. 179435233
    • Changed the status check to look at the status field rather then buyer. 178178259
    • Rename refund redeem into delete transaction -177982090
    • Added a system for exporting gift cards in other system to the new Circle Gift Card system. #178435026


  • Website
    • Checkout was throwing an exception if a customer puts emojis into notes. We now can handle emojis πŸ™‚ -172871503
    • Add a recaptcha bot catcher to notify me #179444521
    • Add the ability to for customers to Add and Edit Shipping Addresses under Website > Edit Account page. 179144363
    • Add a link to the author so that you get a listing with all books by that author when clicked. – 155046310
  • Group Sites
    • Group managers are now able to manage which stores show on the group central site using the store list in Setting > Website. 179445192
  • Group/Assn portal
    • Add the find store button to the group/assn portal site 179294961
    • Add Order and Notify actions for stores with 0 stock so that stores in groups or associations still show if they have 0 stock but are happy to take orders. 179294835
    • Made group and association web portal layouts the same to make them easier to manage and improvements made in one transferable to the other. 179295782
    • The single item landing page in groups and associations who list the stores in the group or association. 179063643
  • Acc’s Payable
    • Added the ability to put GST number into the supplier setup so that it can be displayed on the payable invoice -179354249
  • CSV Uploader
    • Output a list of item codes that could not be loaded. #179141660 (This is part of a larger project to improve data import speed)
  • Payments
    • Add validations to Payment model. This prevents people keying incorrect data. 179192309
  • DB Normalization
    • Added missing foreign keys to Xero cached accounts #176510166
  • Background processing
    • Reduce the max retry for jobs from 20 to 5 so that we get notified earlier about failed jobs. 179238605
  • Stock Take
    • Upload stock take public folder to central storage 179315083
    • Process stock take difference list in small chunks to avoid it stuck in the background 178957850
  • Account Pay/Xero] We have changed the layout of payable invoices to be more correctly GST exclusive and more easily comparable with Xero -178937688
  • R6 Upgrade
    • Remove the prototype link function in the link fields function – 179193381 (prototype is now obsolete and needs to be removed, it is a big job and will take some time)


SeeΒ for all changes including bug fixes.

Currently working on:

  • Rails 6 upgrade
  • Circle Gift Card
  • Group central site
  • Mob POS