Since the Last Update

August focused on central sites for groups and associations and the new Circle gift card system. This is close to the stage where we have a minimum viable product ready to be beta tested. The group/association site is all about enabling the public to find which shop has a book, making it easier to shop locally. In addition, we’ve made improvements to returns, data loading, Xero and stock take. 

New Features

  • Groups and association sites
    • Add seed for associations for initial dev environment setup – 179110918 (this will enable groups of independent shops to work together more easily)
    • Setup an associations page in backoffice for dev and admin to manage association groups. 179110932Payments
    • Add validations to Payment Type model 179122288 (this will prevent null data being posted)
    • Rearrange content on the single title page to prepare for the multi store store lists 179063874
    • Add a cron job to copy items from group sites to the central group site #178689867 (This enables all items in group stores to be listed on a single central group site
  • Circle Gift Card
    • Add endpoint to get gift cards by batch id 179055244
    • Add an endpoint for receiving batch lists 179054341
    • Added a Card Batch generation system to pre-generate card #’s and pins to print 179187480
    • Add batch activation endpoint 179054891 (This is part of the system needed to activate pre-printed cards)
    • Add an API endpoint to activate a single gift card – 179055151
    • Add an API endpoint to set buyer – 179066097 (This will enable you to link a customer to a card)
    • Add scan endpoint API -179054459
    • Revise language on the ‘Buy Gift Card’ page to say “Sell Gift card” 179050272
  • Item based customer order fulfilment
    • Add feature to edit shipping address in the binned items interface 179001764
    • Add part shipping in single scan bin feature 178940163
    • Add part shipping in new fulfilment interface by adding a part filled view. 176566603
    • Remove part shipping functionality when doing a single bin scan – 179081992
  • Mob POS
    • Add a ‘Web POS’ menu item to the POS menus in the backoffice. #179081503 (this is the beginnings of a POS that will work on phones)


  • Returns
    • Now when you select many supplier invoices when sending a return auth request all selected invoices will be sent to the supplier for authorization. -172698689
  • Data loading
    • Added a new system for Loading Stock using CSV from other systems #178736753
  • Vii gift card
    • Change Vii Card redeeming process from always creating an Invoice to creating un-allocated vii payment on the user account 178873287. (The makes Vii work better with the new standardised invoicing options)
  • Xero integration
    • Exclude the Xero information/lines on both printable and “eMail this invoice” template 178565473
  • Payment API
    • Added an API that will enable the websites to post payments into circle accounts.
    • Add an API endpoint to activate a single gift card – 179055151
  • Stock take
    • Upload stock take public folder to online CDN storage #179315083


  • R6 Upgrade
    • Remove dependency of the mimemagic gem 178737151
    • Remove automatic conversion and create a task 174079766


See for all changes including bug fixes.

Currently working on:

  • Rails 6 upgrade
  • Circle Gift Card
  • Group central site
  • Mob POS