Since the Last Update

In January the big things we worked on were the new gift card system and system upgrades. In addition to this we tidied and polished a number of other features. The group/association portal, bin fulfilment, deals, the website and Xero.

New Features & Improvements.

  • Bin fulfilment
    • Add link to supplier order 180866947
  • Website Checkout
    • Add a feature that prevents Customers from manually entering / typing in QTY that is above the stock On Hand to prevent an overbought scenario 175697681 see settings > website
  • Picked/Binned Items
    • Tidy up non tracked items in binned items interface – 180593903
  • Deals
    • 179141034 Add an API to enable other systems access to deals.
    • 179279669 – Create an API key generation tool. This is used when a system outside of circle wants to get a particular deal.
  • Circle gift card
    • Update POS controllers so they can process transactions with Circle Gift Cards 180785305
    • Add Circle Gift Cards to Invoices 180798096
    • 179730333 – Update the backoffice gift card switch so that only 1 gift card option can be selected. This prevents you using the version one gift voucher system and the version two gift card system at the same time.
  • Group/Association site
    • Clicking find store from the main site was directing to the site instead of the shop domain – 180630203
    • 180469822 Remove discount flags on group sites.
  • Database
    • improved queries to reduce the number of Jobs failing due to database locks. 180713213
  • Xero
    • 178312254 Deprecate and remove “Xero OAuth1 now that we have upgraded to OAuth2
  • Binned Items
    • 176861483 – Change shipping of order to a user selection procedure. Makes it possible not to ship some items even if they are ready to ship.
  • Non-tracked Items
    • 180431747 Add functionality to auto update state of non tracked items if a tracked item’s state is updated
    • 180391145 Add auto scan pick or bin flag to non-tracked items.
  • website
    • 179685021 make it possible to load a high resolution banner into mobile version

Infrastructure Upgrades


  • prototype JS from Modal box calls in shared templates and update to the new supported system 180243754
  • remove old prototype js from pagination helpers. 180243802
  • 80243685 -upgrade sales stats scroll
  • 180243756 – upgrade to remote and to function helpers
  • 180243940 upgrade Autocomplete by sorting deprecated options for javascript and changing from POST to GET
  • 180243994 – upgrade page html and controllers in movers, settings, site products and agency
  • 180243840 – upgrade remote helpers on views in pos models
  • 180243749 upgrade buttons “<” and “>” in settings field display
  • 180243733 upgrade function helpers on views in returns
  • 180243884 upgrade form remote tag on attribute labels
  • 180243922 upgrade remote and form remote tag on shipping rates
  • 180244004 upgrade to js.erb template in categories, cart, inward good and sale order files
  • 180243613 upgrade to rails mailto helper in inwards goods customer reports
  • 180243805 upgrade remote helpers on categories
  • 180243910 -Manage remote and remote tag on inward goods
  • 180243811 Manage remote helpers and remote tag on communities
  • 180243997 – Use js.erb template instead of the purchase orders rjs files

SSL cert management

  • Update bundle certificates when updating a site domain 180501121. As part of introducing a new security layer we have had to rework how we bundle SSL certs.
  • 180430519 Create bundle certificates to automate and better manage the renewal of SSL security certificates. This has been a very big project.

See for all changes including bug fixes.

Currently working on:

  • Rails 6 upgrade
  • Circle Gift Card
  • Group central site
  • Improved onboarding for new customers.