Circle System Updates for July 2022

July was a busy month. We’ve added the ability to print a pick list for a selected customer. Improvements to Credit notes mean you are now able to generate cr notes from the POS to apply to unpaid invoices. Improvements to the Xero integration and Circle Gift Cards have also been released. For Groups we’ve created a group gift card report to give a total outstanding in the head office site. 

New Features

  • Self on boarding
    • Added APIs to manage staff and manager setup. 182649492, 182685036. After internal testing this will enable group managers to add new sites themselves and new shops to set themselves up.
    • Create an API to create, modify and delete an account 182580491
    • Added a feature to site creation to display real time status of site and data creation -182461823
  • Customer Orders
    • Added the ability to print a pick list for the filtered customer only. Customer Orders > All pending orders by item > search customer > print pick list 182603801
    • A customer suggestion list has been added to the customer filter to make it easier the select the correct customer. 182578873 Customer Orders > All Pending Order By Item (If you can’t see this interface ask support to turn it on for you)
    • Added the ability to filter individual customers in the new customer orders interface. Customer Orders > All Pending Orders By Item -181441840 (If you don’t see this interface contact support and they will turn it on for you.)
  • Data feeds
    • Added the ability to pick the currency that will be pulled in from data feeds in load stock. -181618860 Settings > External services
  • Association Portal
    • Non Circle sites can now add a url stub that we use in association portals to send customers to the title on a non Circle website -181943829 Backoffice > Settings > Website


  • Groups
    • Created a group gift card report to give a total outstanding in the head office site. Expired cards have also been added to the monthly report. 182603552 Backoffice > Gift Cards > Lookup Gift Card. (Talk to support about getting this turned on)
  • Sales History Export
    • Updated the fields in the sales history CSV download – 182174194 Backoffice > Reports > Monthly sales > Click the link on the month you want to download to get the individual transaction in CSV.
  • Xero
    • Added web hooks to sync invoices buck in Circle that get deleted or voided in Xero – 180093749
    • Payments are now able to be sent to any account not just bank accounts – 182443962
  • Xero integration
    • If an account mapping is missing you now get a message with which one is missing displayed when syncing an invoice. 182596307
  • Circle Gift Cards
    • A total outstanding value has been added to the gift card dashboard. 182628570
    • This addition enables you to export v1 voucher balances in CSV. This is the first step in the process of migrating v1 vouchers to the new gift card system. 182509749
    • Added a year selection to the gift card dashboard. [Lookup Gift Card Tab] > active gift card – summary graph – Passed
  • CR notes
    • you are now able to generate cr notes from the POS that can be applied to unpaid invoices. 181707251 (This is a major upgrade that many shops have been waiting a long time for. If you want to try/test it ask support to enable it for you.)
  • Migration tool
    • Added a “Preserve zero prefixes” function on the Migration Tool. Some non book barcodes (annoyingly) start with a zero. 182474376
  • TinyMCE
    • Add Image / Content manipulation options like border, padding, and image wrapping option back into the new version. -182304827


  • Upgrade – R6
    • Fix invoice/payment receiver 181301896
    • Fix agency feature in PO Search and Manage Stock in the new R6 version – 181632526

See for all changes including bug fixes.

Some of the things we are currently working on:

  • Rails 6 Upgrade
  • Circle Gift Card
  • Xero Integration Improvements
  • Movers Upgrade
  • Bug Fixes