Since the Last Update

In October we really got into the R6 system upgrade but this is a big job and we have a long way to go. We continued work on the web POS which will offer a phone/tablet POS option. We started integrating the new gift card system into the POS and did more work on the group/association portal sites. 

New Features

  • Web POS
    • Add line total to web pos sales screen in tablet and desktop views (remove in mob view) -179745558
    • You can now scan in POS line items -179230448
  • Circle Gift Card
    • Create API to mark voucher as canceled 176624664
  • Association/Group Sites
    • Add a setting to toggle displaying of portal for associations -179616330
    • Create and API endpoint to fetch, create, update and delete category mapping for associations -179667156
    • Add a location dot to each store in the list 179458381
    • Now only selected stores display on the group website -179445192
    • Create and API endpoint to search site categories to make mapping shop categories to a central site categories possible -179667159


  • Website APIs
    • Enable external sites to post payments for all customers in the group, not just the shop the site is connected to. #179398050
  • Monthly Sales
    • Add an “Up Arrow” so that it is possible to scroll up to the previous years sales data. #179618087
  • POS
    • Updated the POS download page so that it does not ask for a login 179776634
  • R6 Upgrade
    • Removed and update old prototype java script from site products minus/plus button -179824128
    • Removed and update old prototype java script from addresses shipping and billing -179808676
    • Removed old prototype java script from purchase orders and replaced with current technology 179787427
    • Remove depreciated PrototypeJS. Use js template instead of manufactures create. #179761931
    • Remove depreciated PrototypeJS link to function that calls enter reason to drop invoices and replace with current JS technology. #179650668
    • Fix site settings conversion – 179785227
    • Add prototype-rails gem javascript files and require them in backoffice -179757158
    • Old PrototypeJS removed and updated in manage purchase_orders and order cart 179713908
    • Old PrototypeJS removed and updated in manage cart and loyalty -179710175
    • Old PrototypeJS removed and updated in purchase orders supplier order reports 17970946
    • Old PrototypeJS removed and updated in Manage financial accounts -179705248
    • Updated incompatible java script in inwards goods and load_stock -179678562
    • Replace parameter for reload when accessing an association method to refresh its data -179650777
    • Remove old incompatible java script from manage invoices -179646279
    • Replace button to function in inward goods -179635187
    • Remove dependent destroy for the invoice 179357620
    • Handle form submitting in accounts payable and consignment invoice drafts 179397952
    • Remove BETA layout support. This is part of removing the old layout that is depreciated and no longer used by any shops. #179737288


See for all changes including bug fixes.

Currently working on:

  • Rails 6 upgrade
  • Circle Gift Card
  • Group central site
  • Improved onboarding for new customers.