Since the Last Update

Work continued on bin fulfilment features, Circle gift card upgrade and Xero integration. We improved the mover’s time stamp system and changed the deal expiry to happen in the shop’s time zone.  A number of improvements were also made to catch and prevent transactions getting stuck in the POS. Finally a new statement layout means that you can now use both NZ and AU window envelopes.

New Feature

  • Starshipit integration
    • Create a feature to monitor the background process of sending orders to starshipit #176953358
  • Bin fulfilment
    • Add a feature to filter bins by Customer Name #176861463 (If you would like to beta test this let support know and they will turn it on for you)


  • Database
    • Code adjusts to support MySQL 8 #176860693
    • Adding missing foreign keys to the POS table #176373804
    • Pages table added missing foreign keys #176507002
    • Categories table added missing foreign keys #176374188
    • Suppliers table – added missing foreign keys #176373810
    • Dropped unused versions table #176509998
  • Inwards goods
    • Add a log to find out which parts of the system call Inwards Goods Data Workers #177160479
  • Background processing
    • Move the Inwards Goods Data Worker to the new background processing system. Also, make inwards goods jobs unique using the unique gem as a backup #177058876
  • Movers
    • Time is now saved on Movers using the ending Date and Time from the Filter. It was using the time the order is sent. #175971170
    • Extend Movers time limit from 5 to 7 days #176938121
  • Deals
    • flag which items qualify for deals in the PO cart with a tick #176304763
  • Circle Gift Card
    • Remade the refund card transaction #177157332
    • API for refunding redeemed transactions #170956067
  • POS
    • Transaction payload job, add background processing unique option #177267175
    • Transaction payload – Add POS response for in process state. Check if the transaction state is in process before enqueuing it. #177015002
    • Transaction payload, add a new in process status to indicate the transaction is in process inside background worker. (This is part of a project to centrally monitor all POS transactions for issues) #176866567
  • Xero Upgrade
    • Handle negative quantity invoices when pushing to Xero #175754111
  • Sys admin
    • Use production code for cron job pods. Even I don’t know what this one is. #177115423
    • Update and test background processing unique-jobs gem #176979741
  • Statements
    • Move the address position so that it fits the AU window envelope #176876460 (Again if you would like to try this contact support to get the new layout turned on for you.)
  • Dev sys admin
    • Added Bullet-gem to the development environment. This helps to catch code that is slow. #177069138
  • Label Printing
    • Add ‘Author’ as a custom EPL label field option #176774011 (See label printing help doc if you would like to add author to your labels.)

See for all changes including bug fixes.

Currently working on:

  • Xero Upgrade
  • Order fulfilment improvements
  • Circle Gift Card
  • Move to Sydney (Servers)