System Updates 1 Aug 2020 to 1 Sept 2020

September 10, 2020By Warwick SchafferSystem Updates

Since the Last Update In August we rolled out the z off movers function that limits what you see in movers to the what sold following the last time you looked. There is also a new website checkout, progress on bulk web order fulfillment, improved POS search, stage 1 in the Xero upgrade, lots of … Read More

Use The Wishlist And Notify Me Features To Get More Sales

September 9, 2020By adminTips Tricks and Ideas

Getting the most from Wishlists and Notify me
Using these features can get you more sales.
In May this year we made some upgrades to the wishlist feature on the website. In the Backoffice you can now sort it by date and add a sub menu to split out orders that are dealt with and those that still need an action (add those to the pile right!)