CirclePOS for Groups and Franchises

July 4, 2024By Warwick SchafferFeature Articles

Ultimately, all businesses are systems. The quality and the reproducibility of those systems separates the good from the bad. A good group or franchise is, at its core, a good system.

Running a group or franchise is difficult as not only do the stores themselves need to run well, but there needs to be synchronisation and commonality between stores. Centralised information/systems are required; making cloud applications ideal.

A cloud application has the ‘have your cake and eat it’ advantage of being centralised and accessible from anywhere. If you are a multi store operation you should be looking at this kind of architecture.

A website designed specially for local bookstores

May 22, 2024By Warwick SchafferFeature Articles, News Articles

The goal of CirclePOS is to make local bookstores as good online as they are in-store. Local bookstores have the killer advantage of being just down the road and offer a genuinely personal relationship with local customers. Local bookshops will prevail over central giants if given the right tools. This article focuses on specific features, including how it’s designed and integrated into the inventory system to provide customers with a similar level of service online as they would have in-store. We have another article on why the CirclePOS website is laid out like it is.

How to Open a Bookstore

May 15, 2024By Warwick SchafferFeature Articles

Opening a bookstore is a great thing to do and you will be joining a supportive and inclusive community. Before you do, have a clear idea on what sort of store you want to be and if there is a local customer community for you. Use suppliers and associations to get advice and support and make sure you have enough capital to properly stock your store. Finally, get organised well in advance of opening, which of course includes getting a bookstore management system.

Is CirclePOS right for Second Hand Bookselling

December 15, 2023By Warwick SchafferFeature Articles

Introduction Originally designed for new bookstores, CirclePOS has evolved over the years to support a growing number of second hand stores. Second hand bookselling is a specialised business with unique requirements and stock. Not least of which is the challenge of not being able to simply ‘reorder’ stock.  Although there are parts of the system … Read More

The Benefits of Personal Training for CirclePOS onboarding

December 11, 2023By Warwick SchafferOnboarding

Utilising a personal trainer for your CirclePOS system is highly recommended, and will make getting up and running much easier and faster.
“The benefit of one-on-one training is the opportunity to speak directly with an experienced bookseller who has a firm understanding of the CirclePOS Inventory Management System.” Matt Lupica – CirclePOS trainer and manager of the Bookbarn group

Bookstore Inventory Software & Organic Traffic

June 30, 2022By Warwick SchafferNews Articles

Driving Organic Traffic to your Online Bookstore with Bookstore Inventory Software With ecommerce firmly on the rise, it’s more important than ever to have a reliable bookstore inventory software to handle the increased number of people preferring online shopping over going out to a physical store for their requirements. Consumer requirements and shopping behaviour are influenced … Read More

System Updates 1 Dec 2020 to 1 Jan 2021

January 21, 2021By Warwick SchafferSystem Updates

Since the Last Update The big developments continued in Dec, Xero upgrade and customer order picking. In addition there were SEO improvements, the start of starshipit integration and issues that came up related to EDI and background processing that needed to be resolved. Few Feature Starshipit Integration – is a shipping management system helpful … Read More