System Updates 1 – 30 April 2024

May 24, 2024By Emma VeldeSystem Updates 2024

In April we worked on:
• Load Stock & Search & Update: Improved feedback during stock searches to reduce user confusion; locked the “Search & Update” button after clicking to ensure stability; automated updates to the “Reg Price” field for accurate pricing information.
• Core Code: Optimised the codebase to improve performance and maintainability.
• Association Portal: Added a flag to identify second-hand books for better categorisation.
• Deals Interface: Implemented a responsive design for better accessibility on smaller screens; added features for marking deals as done or in progress; supported timezones; improved pagination, filters, sorting, and deal product views.
• General Ledger: Implemented functionality to handle CREDIT & DEBIT special items; allowed for slight deviations in amounts when creating new transactions; developed handling for Non-Tracked Items and introduced a method to translate Shipping into the Ledger.
Housekeeping concentrated on: Flaky Tests; Deprecate Feature Flags; Switch to BETA; Rails; Ruby; Core Code; Gems & Vue 3

‘The Work’, Top Seller for April 2024

May 23, 2024By Emma VeldeBest Selling Books 2024

The April 2024 bestseller list saw lots of fresh titles. Bri Lee’s ‘The Work’ came in first with 1,812 sales. In second place was ‘Sanctuary’ by Garry Disher with 1,304 sales. Third spot went to ‘The Scarlet Shedder’ #12 in the popular children’s series, Dog Man with 1,270 sales.

A website designed specially for local bookstores

May 22, 2024By Warwick SchafferFeature Articles, News Articles

The goal of CirclePOS is to make local bookstores as good online as they are in-store. Local bookstores have the killer advantage of being just down the road and offer a genuinely personal relationship with local customers. Local bookshops will prevail over central giants if given the right tools. This article focuses on specific features, including how it’s designed and integrated into the inventory system to provide customers with a similar level of service online as they would have in-store. We have another article on why the CirclePOS website is laid out like it is.

How to Open a Bookstore

May 15, 2024By Warwick SchafferFeature Articles

Opening a bookstore is a great thing to do and you will be joining a supportive and inclusive community. Before you do, have a clear idea on what sort of store you want to be and if there is a local customer community for you. Use suppliers and associations to get advice and support and make sure you have enough capital to properly stock your store. Finally, get organised well in advance of opening, which of course includes getting a bookstore management system.

Financial Aspects of Starting a Bookstore

May 15, 2024By Matt LupiciaFeature Articles

Starting a bookstore requires careful consideration of various financial aspects. From stocking an appropriate amount of inventory to designing an efficient floor plan, every detail impacts the success of the business. Understanding the costs involved in shop fitting, signage, branding, hardware, and other essentials is crucial for planning and budgeting. By being aware of these financial aspects and making informed decisions, aspiring bookstore owners can avoid costly mistakes and create a successful and sustainable business.