CirclePOS for Groups and Franchises

July 4, 2024By Warwick SchafferFeature Articles

Ultimately, all businesses are systems. The quality and the reproducibility of those systems separates the good from the bad. A good group or franchise is, at its core, a good system.

Running a group or franchise is difficult as not only do the stores themselves need to run well, but there needs to be synchronisation and commonality between stores. Centralised information/systems are required; making cloud applications ideal.

A cloud application has the ‘have your cake and eat it’ advantage of being centralised and accessible from anywhere. If you are a multi store operation you should be looking at this kind of architecture.

System Updates 1 – 30 June 2024

July 1, 2024By Emma VeldeSystem Updates 2024

In June we worked on:
New Features:
• In General Ledger we made significant progress by adding validations for ledger accuracy, implementing tax-exempt handling, and simplifying the process by removing the ability to un-drop payments and invoices.
• In Stock Valuation Cache we created a P&L cache database to track and analyse monthly stock values.

Housekeeping concentrated primarily on Rails, Vue 3 and Deadlocks

Improvements this month concentrated on:
• External Services
• Settings
• Pre orders