Utilising a personal trainer for your transition to the CirclePOS system is not only highly recommended, and will make getting up and running much easier and faster. 

“The benefit of one-on-one training is the opportunity to speak directly with an experienced bookseller who has a firm understanding of the CirclePOS Inventory Management System.”

Matt Lupica - CirclePOS trainer and manager of the Bookbarn group

While self setup is an option and help documents and training videos are available, a personal trainer can keep you on track while answering questions specific to your store.

The best option is to do both; watch the training videos, try it for yourself and note down questions and problems you strike along the way to be answered in the training session. Doing it this way dramatically cuts the time needed for training and also the cost.

CirclePOS trainers are not just experts in the system, they also run bookshops. This means they speak your language, and can tell you how things are implemented in an actual store. They are also able to go beyond simply showing you how to use the system. They can talk about the broader requirements of running a bookstore, bridging how the system connects and how it might work within your broader business. This is a great opportunity if you are new to bookselling as there are many things that are often  overlooked. A few sessions with someone that has done it before and trained hundreds of booksellers can save you from some painful and costly mistakes.

The Benefits of training with CirclePOS

How much does training cost?

Cost depends on how many sessions are needed. Typically it takes 5 one hour sessions to fully train one person; that person can then train others.

For those with limited IT skills and or bookselling experience it may take a little longer.

As a rough average you can expect to spend around $300 USD on training. Discounts are available if you buy hours in bulk, in advance. 

To make it easy we invoice in a range of local currencies, the sales team can give you the exact rate in your currency.

    • Training Session 1 - video
      • Site and website config, POS Setup & Basic POS Functions
      • (If you are migrating data from another system - it happens here)
    • Training Session 2 - video
      • Purchase Ordering, Basic Inventory Management & Intermediate POS Functions - 
    • Training Session 3 - video
      • Customer management, Advanced POS Functions, Gift vouchers, Customer Orders & Reordering 
    • Training Session 4 - video
      • Account Sales, Stock Transfers, Reporting & Returns, Customer Loyalty and CRM tools 
    • Training Session 5 - video
      • Website (eCommerce) & External software services (other services you might like to connect to CirclePOS)
    • Training Follow up
      • Independent setup Check and 6 & 12 month Happiness Checks

This course covers everything a new or existing store would need to get up and running on CirclePOS and use it to its fullest. Training can also be booked on an ‘as required’ basis for existing stores. Stores may need to brush up on a particular area, train a new staff member or simply adopt a new feature into the stores' processes. 

CirclePOS is constantly developing new features that can save time, cut costs and increase sales;  these can be easily missed in the ‘hustle bustle’ of running a bookshop. An hour to do a gap analysis can be money well spent.

How is it done

Training is conducted via web based screen sharing, no camera is needed for the trainee and training times are flexible to suit your schedule and learning pace. 

A video and transcript to look back on later or share with staff is also provided as part of the service. While screen sharing is the primary tool it is not the only one. Stores can also communicate with trainers by email, phone or on site if they are willing to cover travel and accommodation costs. 🙂


A professional personal trainer combined with some video based DIY is the best way to get up and running successfully on CirclePOS and gets your store off to a great start.

Contact sales to get costs and discount rates in your local currency. Or Book a training session online now.