Since the Last Update

In February work continued on the new Circle gift card system. It links into many parts of the system so it’s turning out to be challenging to tidy up all the loose ends. We also added improvements to deals, bin fulfilment, accounts payable and purchasing. System upgrade work continued, the next milestone there is to get all automated tests passing on the new R6 build which we hope to achieve this month. When this happens the first beta sites can start using it. 

New Features & Improvements

  • Deals
    • Mark deals that are downloaded via the API as downloaded 180480916
  • Circle gift card
    • An addition to enable pagination needed for broader searches -181200330
    • Added an endpoint to fetch gift cards with provided buyer – 181096204 this enables us to display gift card balances and use history.
    • Generate a gift card in POS and allocate any amount to it, add any amount to a pre-printed card, redeem gift card in pos, settings to limit to 1 card type. 180922271, 170625396, 180929007, 177570939, 170625081
    • Add Circle Gift Cards to Invoices 180798096
  • Starshipit Integration
    • Fix weight and unit price sent to starshipit platform when shipping orders 180898108
  • Accounts Payable
    • Updated fields in the Accounts Payable download CSV to be more useful for Accountants. -181054756 Accounts > Accounts Rec > Sale Invoices.
  • Purchase Ordering
    • When search results scratch over many pages items selected from any page are now added to the cart rather than needing to do it one page at a time. -180702973

Infrastructure Upgrades

  • More system upgrades and housekeeping work to keep the system current and secure and maintainable. 180751761, 179709769.
  • R6
    • Delivered 4 stories relating to the removal of the old JavaScript library that is no longer supported by Rails6 and the old website layout. 179732196, 180243492, 180070780, 179732196
    • Remove Old Layout and java script from manage views and category.

See for all changes including bug fixes.

Currently working on:

  • Rails 6 upgrade
  • Circle Gift Card
  • Staff hot keys
  • Bug Fixes