Circle System Updates for February 2023

  • Improvements to Gift Cards, Speed, Self Onboarding, purchase orders, financial Settings, CSV Export – gift cards, stock and customers.
  • Added an option for an alternative currency to display in the website cart. Test video here
  • Added “eDahab Payment Option
  • Group/Assn sites added A closest to me sort button
  • R6 backend system upgrades


New Features

  • Web Payments
    • under external services. – 184344098
  • Group/Assn sites
    • A closest to me sort button to the shop list. This makes it easy for book buyers to find the shop closest to them with the book they want. -184343730
  • Gift Cards
    • Added a Gift Card Balance CSV export but need to keep this as an support admin tool do it its potential to overload servers. – 183988133


  • Gift Cards
    • Transactions were ending up unsent when there is an additional purchase during gift card exchange. We now allow posting a GC Exchange with an additional item purchase #184177905
    • Modified the active card API endpoint to accept date range. This is the foundation needed to give outstanding balances for selected periods #184321603
  • Self Onboarding
    • The Shop ID generator now limits IDs to 4 characters to keep IDs uniform. This makes them easier to remember, less to type and keeps reports tidy #184070898
    • Made the SaaS agreement easier to view and scroll through. #183214547
    • Add the progress bar on the first page -184071520
  • PO Search
    • Change the date in the On Order popup to be the date the order was sent. #184038211
  • CSV exports
    • Gift Card Transactions for selected months can now be exported in CSV #183988124 
    • Customer CSV export] News Letter and Store Only options are now set to default as unticked to avoid duplicated if the list is exported from two different stores in a group. – 182742571
  • Speed
    • Optimized the category method to speed up websites. Based on comments there has been a noticeable improvement in load times. 184260491
    • Optimize left menu (category list) -184066994
  • Stock export
    • Added shop ID to the Stock Export CSV – 183988104
  • Financial Settings
    • Under Direct Deposit “Bank Identifier Code” and “Bank name” have been added. We also adjusted the character limit of “Bank Account Number” to 25 characters from 18 -183439754
  • Purchase Order pop-up
    • System was showing the total quantity ordered, it now shows the total QTY due. -184233709
  • Website


  • Upgrade – R6
    • Fix deals and deal product edit and fix inwards goods tests -184412166, 184461428 (We are now under 200 failing tests, started at over 1000)
    • Fixed agency and distributor tests, Fixed accounts tests -184380171, 184417621
    • Renamed the excluding item scope and fixed cart tests. 173786063, #184360485
    • Fixed a database SQL error -184246028

See for all changes including bug fixes.

Some of the things we are currently working on:

  • Rails 6 Upgrade
  • Circle Gift Card
  • Xero Integration Improvements
  • Movers Upgrade
  • Bug Fixes