Since the Last Update

In July we spent a lot of time on the new Circle gift card system, bedded Xero in further, improved the agency code, improved how costs populate in inwards goods for new items, added options so that you have control over when web orders are invoiced, added links to stock logs from movers plus we now show you who purchased in the stock log. We started work on a web/mob pos and local bookshop portal site and pushed further into the rails 6 upgrade. Finally we added the ability to remove secondary categories in bulk something that many shops had on their wishlist. 


  • Circle Gift card
    • Create an API endpoint for Gift Card batch generation. This enables batches of gift cards to be generated (with or without balances), printed then sold. #178807004
    • Add Batch ID reference as a parameter. This is part of the system that pre-generates card numbers for when you want to pre-print gift cards 178768331.
  • Gift card API
    • Add an endpoint to load gift cards without being activated -177983140
    • Add an unload transaction endpoint to enable refunds from gift cards – 177980947
  • Xero Integration
    • Detect new payments in Xero and create its pair on the Circle side #178749097 (This saves having to keep two lots of accounts up to date. You can now do it all from Xero)
  • Xero OAuth 2.0
    • When a shop has created an account in xero without a code. Improve syncing tool to handle accounts with no code. -177432283
  • Agencies
    • Agency publisher table design change and code refactoring #175052158. Apart from a tidy up this prevents a publisher being added multiple times (B&T got add 65k times last year)
  • Audio tests
    • Applied a workaround and warning on tests that randomly fail 178806271
    • Increase the read timeout for pacstream send_order from 1 minute to 3 minutes -178705097
  • Load stock
    • Fix spec and behaviour of Clicking on “+” sign before clicking “Add and Order” -178706705
  • Web Orders
    • Stop invoicing on all web orders. -178718024
  • Inwards Goods
    • Cost prices were not being pulled into inward goods jobs if the site item cost was zero #178038511 (This caused particular problems with new releases)
    • Refactor inwards goods processing to improve code 178539863
  • Movers
    • Add a stock log link to the OH stat in movers and open in a new tab. #178565521
  • APIs
    • Add Address lookup API endpoints #178856428 (this will be used to lookup customers in the new mob POS and customer order fulfilment system)
    • Added a Customer search API endpoint to fetch the customer account by email #178767933
    • Create an API endpoint to delete orders from the bin interface -178616288
  • Manage Stock
    • Added the ability to remove Secondary category in bulk -167282958 Backoffice > Stock > manage stock
  • StarShipIt integration
    • Shipping Address Form validation needs to be updated based on Starshipit rules 178685240
  • Deals
    • Added the deal star to the group purchasing interface 178533458
  • eWay
    • We now capture and send customer IP addresses to eWay to enable better fraud tracking. 177958010

See for all changes including bug fixes.

Currently working on:

  • Rails 6 upgrade
  • Circle Gift Card
  • Group central site
  • Mob POS