System Updates July 2023

    • Continuing backend and front end upgrades to stay current and improve security and performance.
    • Added the apply discounts to a whole category for promotions.
    • Many improvements around bin fulfilment and bin reporting in the back office


New Features

  • Payment Kinds
    • Users can add or delete the different payment types accepted in their stores. 184741914


  • Rails 6 & Vue
    • Continuing work on updating to the next version of our software framework. 185556499, 185573516, 184708621
    • Continuing work on updating to the next version of our software framework. 185494233, 185394588, 185499938, 185474979, 185533264, 185507221
    • Continuing work on updating to the next version of our software framework. 185506731, 184708612, 185398787, 185066859, 185462223
  • Self-onboarding
    • Google ReCaptcha – New Google ReCaptcha is now on our onboarding page. 184817804
  • Accounts
    • Aged Receivable page now only shows accounts that were logged into within the last 2 years so that the page loads faster. 185463378
  • Payments
    • Users are now able to allocate vii payments inside an invoice 185466735
  • Bin
    • The error encountered when deleting a shipping bin now shows a more descriptive message. 185470186
  • Purchase Orders
    • Users can see if an item is binned when searching a purchase order so they know if it is available, 183919586
  • Customer Orders
    • Users can now see binned items in the customer order page so they know which bin to remove a cancelled order from. 183919558
  • Category
    • Users can easily set discounts on a whole category. This is perfect for offering promotions such as Christmas or summer reading lists. 159381426
  • API
    • A stock Import API has been created to allow for the different systems to connect. 185270155, 185095306
  • Gift Cards
    • When VII server is offline, instead of an error code this message will now show. “No response from Vii – SERVER or SERVICE is currently OFFLINE. Please try again later.” 185449051
  • Admin
    • Delete data tool is now functional. 185358602

Housekeeping & Tidy-up

  • Website
    • Book2Look B2L lookup latency improved. Results are now cached for faster lookups. – 185538920

See for all changes including bug fixes.

Some of the things we are currently working on:

  • Rails 6 Upgrade
  • Circle Gift Card
  • Xero Integration Improvements
  • Movers Upgrade
  • Bug Fixes