Since the Last Update

In May we continued work on the Circle Gift Card System. This is now ready for beta testing so do get in touch with us if you would like to test. We’re happy to announce credit notes can now be applied to invoices. It is featured flagged for safety so if you would like to try it ask support to turn in on for you. This month we’ve also been prioritising spam and security. We would like everyone to consider using more secure passwords as soon we will be enforcing this. Good passwords should be long, unique and contain alphanumerical characters.

 System upgrade work continued including framework, speed and database improvements.

New Features

  • Circle Gift Card – see help video play list
    • Added a payment options stage to gift card checkout interface 181816098
    • Created Review stage in the online gift card checkout interface -181953644
    • Added functionality to send gift cards by email to online buyers -182082114 (If you would like to beta test the new gift card system contact support)
    • Create functionality to send formatted email to the gift card recipient #182190947
  • Cr Notes – see help video
    • Credit Notes can now be applied to invoices! This is a big feature that many shops have been asking for many years. It is featured flagged for safety so if you would like to try it ask support to turn in on for you. #30309939


  • Xero
    • Cr notes will now sync to Xero accounts payable – 181707257
    • Made Xero connection with a single oAuth app for CirclePOS. See Settings > external services. (Note this is beta at this stage) #182008137 #182108115
  • Acc’s Rec
    • Back by popular demand Cr accounts now show in the acc’s receivable ageing schedule. 181675468
  • Xero Integration
    • Added category tracking, this allows groups to have one Xero account and have transactions from each store tagged – 181749447 & 181954441
  • Music
    • When the product type is audio/music we now display the ‘artist’ in the ‘author’ field. An artist search field has also been added to advanced search
  • Spam protecting
    • Added reCAPTCHA to click and collect orders to protect from spam attacks.
  • Association Portal
    • Added the ability for non-Circle sites appear in association portals. #181931367
    • Use the shop name, instead of the site ID when listing shops. #181953064


  • System Upgrades – Rails 6
    • Replaced big decimal code that had changed, fixed assn services code and fixed to automated tests 181655215, 181291666, 181291156, 181895200
    • Bowlker integration & R6 calendar system -181291086, 181833586
    • Continued progress on the R6 upgrade, made the tinymce image loader work on Rails 6 -174031678
    • Fixed auto tests in payable and receivable invoices and mini tests. Replaced params to strong params. 173915933, 173915944, 181957586, 181957801.

See for all changes including bug fixes.

Currently working on:

  • Rails 6 Upgrade
  • Circle Gift Card
  • Xero Integration Improvements
  • Bug Fixes