Since the Last Update

In April work continued on the big things, bin fulfilment features, Circle gift card upgrade and the Xero integration which is now in beta with the first stores. We also completed the server move to Sydney, improved deals expiry time, increased speed and upgraded out system monitoring environment.

New Feature

  • Circle gift card
    • add pay gift card API #177141331
    • Change fields to store amount in cents #177375855
  • Bin fulfillment
    • Add a feature to see orders processed under a background task #177391809
    • Auto allocate available payments to invoices to be sent to customers in background task #177430150


  • DB Admin
    • Added missing foreign keys to wish lists #176510002
    • Added missing foreign keys to the cash up table 176509971
  • Xero Integration
    • Make the Xero badge clickable and lead to the Invoice in Xero #177514879
    • Deactivate automatic invoice pushing on Xero OAuth2 temporally 177442852
    • Push cashup totals to Xero using oauth1 methodology but on oauth2 176254070
  • System Monitoring/Infrastructure
    • Elastic APM Front end setup #177431158
    • Implement Elastic Search Authentication #177354347
    • Deploy Elastic-APM gem #177352907 (This tells us when things are too slow and helps us find the cause)
    • Setup Front end for the new monitoring system 177431158
    • Implement new search Authentication 177354347
    • Deployed a new response time and system load monitoring system 177352907
  • Deals
    • Deal expiry time is now in the purchasing shops time zone (not the loading sites zone) A deal will now expire at midnight in Sydney and Perth. #176511896
  • Gift Cards
    • Add settings for customising existing gift card labels and display in Checkout. Settings > Field Display > Gift Card Options (You can now customise the gift card name and load a custom image.) #177392615
  • Website
    • Change the label on the website when people edit their profile from “Cell” to “Mobile”. 176990276
  • Inwards goods
    • job refactor – Stop enqueuing Inwards Goods Data Worker and enqueue the job explicitly #177457276
  • Speed
    • New checkout interface calculates all available shipping costs for an item changed to calculate only selected shipping cost #176085263

See for all changes including bug fixes.

Currently working on:

  • Xero Integration
  • Order fulfilment improvements
  • Circle Gift Card
  • Infrastructure upgrades