Since the Last Update

In May we extended the Xero beta trial to more stores, added back office interfaces for the new gift card system and got the new bin fulfilment system to a point where it is ready for live testing. We increased cart load speed, split out cash accounts in aged receivables, improved website load speed with lazy loading and further invested in system and infrastructure improvements. 

New Features

  • Gift Cards
    • Add endpoint to pay a gift card purchased in an account at a later point in time #177666357
    • Change status codes for circle gift card endpoints #177843451
    • Rename refunded field to deleted for circle gift card transactions #177980372
    • Prevent dropping an invoice that has a gift card on it #177491622
  • Bin Fulfillment
    • A feature that enables you to scan one book after the other on a Mob device #177959103
    • Add a feature to scan bin items on mob and display scanned order data as you go. #177716223 (There will be a full video on this feature when all the components are released)
    • Create a feature to filter bins by bin completion #176861450 
    • Add ability sense when an order is complete and add an invoice and ship option in the mob scanner. #177716224



  • Website
    • Add flags to products when the product has a discount. #177429580
    • Implement lazy loading on product images to improve website loading speed #177032649 (Lazy loading gives visitors something fast while large images and things off the screen load in the background)Image
    • Removed item blocks from sidebar in mobile view to make the page list better on phones. #177430312 (Things like opening hours below. If you want these on phones put them in the footer)
  • Xero integration
    • Display Xero synced badges in the cash up report #177515696
    • Add xero sync to invoices and to till cash up #176316303
    • Create a Feature Flag for the Xero Automatic Invoice Syncing service #177768705 (Feature flags allow us to turn features on an off by store.)


  • Speed
    • Site product elastic search import optimization #177682671
  • APIs
    • Update Api docs to remove errors and show descriptions per status code #177564655
  • Auto tests
    • Improve Feature Spec Build #177781147 Every time we change code we run automated tests over the code to try and make sure a change is not breaking something else. These tests however can be fragile and cause random false fails so need to be maintained
  • Sys Admin
    • Increase the DELETE limit on sessions clean up job #177809627
  • Backend admin systems
    • Arrange feature flags in alphabetical order and separate deprecated ones into a new tab #177637042
  • r4 migration
    • Move Update Order Item Status to the new background processing system. #177810840
  • PO Card speed
    • Deleted duplicated suppliers to improve PO cart load speed #177975940
  • CSV file loads
    • Change to reduce the number of jobs and load file loads cause. #177959354
  • Accounts
    • Separate accounts with payment terms from cash accounts in accounts receivable #177173419 See Accounts > Aged Receivables. (You set the customer payment terms on their profile in the customer tab)


System Admin

  • Semaphore] Updated deploy config after deleting the Taiwanese Kubernetes configuration #178122651

See for all changes including bug fixes.

Currently working on:

  • Xero Integration
  • Order fulfilment improvements
  • Circle Gift Card
  • Infrastructure upgrades