System Updates March & April 

March and April updates saw significant improvements to Gift Cards and Self Onboarding, along with Speed and Website improvements. Housekeeping and tidy-ups concentrated on APIs among other things. 


New Features

  • Purchasing
    • Added an inwards goods history export – 184086237


  • Gift Cards
    • Add Refunded totals to the API response. This will feed into the gift card overview report. – 184445022
    • An active gift card – summary has been added to the gift card lookup interface. If you are in a group it is available in the head office site – 184310494
  • Xero
    • Changed to sending invoice totals to Xero and letting Xero calculate GST rather than sending the gst amount separately to avoid rounding errors – 184444032
  • Self Onboarding
    • When site ID exists the ID generator will assign a different ID 184623333
    • Streamlining the way out new clients create a site for themselves. 184491757
    • Added a link in the onboarding tool to take new customers straight to the help tab in their own backoffice 184785444
  • CSV exports
    • Sales history export now has category ID and a daily export option via API. 183988087
  • Speed
    • Optimized Category method (you will notice webpages load faster now) -184260455
    • Optimized queries on the deals page to make it faster when there are are lot of deals on offer. – 184484534
  • Stock input
    • Extend the title box on Single Prod Setup so that the full title can be seen. -181196055
  • Customer Orders
    • The Scan Pick box did not recognize the QTY multiplier e.g. 9781760661571*18 – 183413066
  • Website
    • Customer order confirmation was not showing the breakdown of the payment when loyalty is used and customers end up paying the full price of the invoice -180023364
    • Allow Vii gift card redemptions to be manually allocated when online orders are partly in stock -181353544 See test video on how this works.
  • User Interface
    • Three improvements: 1) interface on ‘editing agency info’ page improved. 2) Shipping address is now a required field and see image 3) email field is now labelled as a required field. 181180102
  • Purchase Invoice
    • For group stores, a button to ‘Hide Internal Transfers’ has been added. 184468715
  • Site Contacts
    • A red asterisk has been added to postal code make the field mandatory 184665964
  • Associations/VII
    • The store ID can now be used when redeeming from the stores so that the transactions are recorded under the shop rather than association. 184828375


  • Upgrade – R6
    • Continuing work on moving the base code to the next version of our software framework. 173912679, 178821026, 184670541, 184694981, 184757718
    • Continuing work on the base code. 182817851, 184664914, 184771583, 184864412, 184793720
    • Continuing work on moving the base code to the next version of our software framework. 184771648
  • UI
    • Part of user interface (UI) code upgraded to vue v3. 181181698
    • Part of user interface (UI) code upgraded to vue v3. 184708592

Housekeeping & Tidy-up

  • Code tidy up
    • Remove old unused nextstep api methods from the pos controller 179576339
  • Associations/VII
    • add a field under Settings > External Services so shops who are members of an association can nominate the site URL of the association so they can pull the Vii POS and Web API credentials. – 184501337
  • API
    • Privately funded development to allow business contact details to be amended to Client’s API 184356033
    • Privately funded development to allow product details to be added to the shop stock through the API. 184662262
    • Move inwards goods items CSV action to an API endpoint via streaming. 184732041
  • Accounts Payable
    • ‘Customer ID’ label has been changed to ‘Supplier ID’ 184468654. ‘Receipt #’ label has been changed to ‘Invoice #” 184468669.
  • Giftcard
    • Updated to show where the gift card was sold. 184579676
  • Backoffice PO
    • Currency symbol has been aligned in the PO Cart. 184707346
  • Head Office Website
    • For Group stores the currency of the head office from the shop listing is now hidden. 184707573
  • Backoffice PO
    • Currency symbol has been aligned in the PO Search. 184783633
  • Notification
    • updated the email details for “Damaged Goods” and “Short Supply” request – 183068527
  • Invoice
    • fix the email validation when sending an invoice through email – 182936217
  • External Services
    • the Starshipit error that prevents the user from updating the page is now fixed – 177943421
  • Website
    • fixed the overlay issue with the add to cart button from the website – 182093091

See for all changes including bug fixes.

Some of the things we are currently working on:

  • Rails 6 Upgrade
  • Circle Gift Card
  • Xero Integration Improvements
  • Movers Upgrade
  • Bug Fixes