Why a cloud based multi platform system is better for your bookstore

A cloud-based multi-platform Point of Sale (POS) system offers several advantages for bookstores


Accessibility - is the #1 benefit of a cloud application, you can work from anywhere and your customers can buy from anywhere. I greatly extends your reach and provides you and your team with flexibility.
Reach more customers - Having your shop online makes it easy for your customers to reach you online you to reach out to them.


Multi-Platform POS with offline mode - CirclePOS has a POS Multi platform client with an offline mode, allowing sales to continue even when the internet is temporarily unavailable. You get to choose the PC that you like and are familiar with be it Mac, Windows or Linux. The backoffice component of the system is web based so runs on multiple devices, including tablets and smartphones.


Painless Upgrades - Cloud-based systems are regularly updated with new features and security patches, ensuring that the software remains current. This is all done as part of the service, you do not need to do a thing.

Reduced IT

Reduced IT Burden - Minimises the need for in-house IT expertise to manage hardware and software. In shop setups are greatly simplified as servers are not needed (as cloud servers are provided and supported for you) allowing staff to focus on core bookstore activities.

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery - Backups are managed for you, redundant servers are also provided ensuring business continuity in case of unforeseen events.
  • Scalability - with a cloud based system it is easy to scale, be it adding a new store or another Point Of Sale. This can be done in minutes with and with little to no local configurations needed.
  • Data Security - We can provide robust security, far beyond what can normally be done in store including data encryption, firewalls and regular backups, reducing the risk of data loss due to hardware failure or theft. All this is done as part of the service meaning one less thing for shop managers to worry about.


Cost-Efficiency - Eliminates the need for expensive on-premises hardware and maintenance costs and the subscription model means that there are no upfront software costs.

Software Integrations for Booksellers

Integrations - Integrates with other cloud based applications, such as accounting software and data platforms is a lot easier, streamlining business operations.


Competitive Advantage - Staying up-to-date with technology gives bookstores a competitive edge by providing better service and more efficient operations.

In summary, a cloud-based multi-platform POS system offers bookstores increased flexibility, efficiency, and improved data management, making it a superior choice for modern bookselling operations. Whether you are using Macintosh, Windows or Linux, talk to us today about a fit for your bookstore.

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