Do you find managing enormous numbers of customer orders challenging? This feature can help you.

Customer orders are an important part of a local bookshops business. They are both an important source of income but also a signal that the shop provides service beyond what it has on the shelves.

Given the importance of customer orders and the fact that a shop can only stock so much, volumes of customer orders can be huge, 1000’s can be live at any one time.

Special Order Follow-up Feature

If the delivery were dependable, there wouldn't be an issue; however, it is not, and books may either take longer than anticipated to arrive or not arrive at all. How do you know which of the 1000’s those are? You can look at the older orders but there are often legitimate reasons for some orders taking longer than others so this approach is still ‘hit and miss’ or very time consuming.

This new feature solves this by automatically reminding you if an order has not been filled within a defined period of time.

How it works

When generating a new customer order, a supplementary field has been introduced, allowing staff to designate a follow-up date. The default option has a setting for one, two, or three weeks into the future, with the flexibility to adjust it on a case-by-case basis.

Special Order Follow-up Feature

If the order has not been filled by this date, staff will see an alert in the customer orders interface where they can input a new expected delivery date with a note after they have followed up with the supplier and the customer.



Special Order Follow-up Feature



It is also possible to list all overdue orders so they can be easily isolated and kept up to date.

Special Order Follow-up Feature


Monitoring prolonged wait times for book orders among thousands of customer orders can be challenging for bookstore staff. The date-based reminder system simplifies the process for staff to keep on top of these orders, ultimately leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

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