Circle System Updates for September 2022

September saw quite a bit of work on Xero Integration. On the website you are now able to customise delivery time messages – have a look at the video here.Β  The team continue with the R6 upgrade and bug fixes.

New Features

  • Association Portal
    • Stock now displays in the Association portal. (The next step is to be able to sort on this which is turning out to be a tricky task) -183002260


  • Reports
    • Remove currency e.g. ‘(NZD)’ from report tables in back office to remove clutter -183076570
  • Returns
    • Added stock on hand to the returns pick list -178294522
  • Migration Tools
    • Add an ability to delete migrated vouchers -183029859 (Needed to make it possible to remove test loads)
  • Gift Cards
    • You are now able to lookup migrated gift cards and vouchers in the new gift card interface. -182854922
    • Imported v1 vouchers can now be redeemed in POS -183070214 (Some brave shops are now starting to import the old vouchers and beta test – we will keep you posted as we find and clear up issues)
  • Cashup
    • We have split the cashup deposit line into deposits made and deposits redeemed and removed the final payment. This makes it more compatible with accounting systems . 182281336Β 
  • Xero integration
    • Account payable consignment Invoices can now be synced to Xero -183277986
    • Special order deposits and redemptions are now also send to Xero from the cash up. 182141098
    • Added filters to only send invoices flagged as ACCOUNT and LAYBY. (Sometimes shops sell to cash accounts on credit we are going to have to think about how to deal with this) -177769177
    • The shipping charge is now included when sending purchase invoices to Xero -179319350
  • Tidy up – Xero
    • Removed old Xero OAuth1 code. We use oAuth 2 now πŸ™‚ -171348399
  • CR notes
    • New version credit notes are now included in item sales in the cash up report. -182874008 (This epic is now complete enough for stores to try. If you are keen to beta test contact support)
  • Website
  • Data Feed
    • If there are two prices in Thorpe’s metadata, (including GST and excluding), we now always pick the including price (higher amount) – 182959464


  • Upgrade – R6
    • Fixed active record MySQL errors, fixed build test coverage, removed the old Squeel gem. 183046060, 183257711, 183264832
    • Xero now works in rails 6 -178388321
    • Fixed the action controller in the pick item action – 182913834

SeeΒ for all changes including bug fixes.

Some of the things we are currently working on:

  • Rails 6 Upgrade
  • Circle Gift Card
  • Xero Integration Improvements
  • Movers Upgrade
  • Bug Fixes