Circle System Updates for January 2023

After the Christmas development freeze the team have been hard at work with many improvements and some new features. Notably, a separate “Customer Ref” field in invoices and two-factor authentication; have a look at the video here.

We’ve made improvements to speed, xero and Vii gift cards; the web checkout now supports the selling of Vii digital Gift Cards – see the test video here.


New Features

  • FX Cache
    • We have implemented a foreign currency exchange rate cache that will be updated daily. This will be used to deliver currency translations in various parts of the system, e.g. the website cart. 184142945
  • Invoice notes
  • Payment Option
    • Added Zaad Payment Option -183540197 See test video here
  • Security
    • Added a Two-factor Authentication (2FA) using google authenticator to better secure access to the Backoffice – 179948853 See beta test vid here:


  • Website
    • Skip on order calculation for sites which don’t show it. (The drops page load times from 30+ sec to under 7) – 184210439
  • Vii
  • Association Category mapping
    • refactor the mapping API to make it possible for shops to self map categories 184086992
  • Purchase orders
    • The truck popup now shows when the order was sent to the supplier not when the cart is created. – 184060041
  • Click and Collect
    • Double clicking the reserve now button in click and collect was creating multiple orders and multiple customer accounts. Added double click prevention -183755653
  • Speed
    • Improved gift card balance fetching performance 184053379 (we managed to double the speed for this process)
    • Optimize site theme queries to make the websites load faster – 184000644
  • Forgotten password link
    • Added message to the password reset confirmation screen – “…Please check your spam or junk folder…” – 184030592
  • Self Onboarding
    • Improved wording in a number of interfaces -183977597
  • Agency & Distributor
    • removed the requirement to enter Shipping Address when creating an agency or distributor. -182109233
  • Stock Export
    • Stock on hold has been added to the stock CSV export. -183834607 See Backoffice > Stock > Export stock
  • Accounts
    • Added the ability to post credit claims to Accounts Payable from Returns > Awaiting Credit Notes, these should then flow through to Xero as payable invoices do. –183657257
  • Xero
    • Change the line total data source to use already calculated amount on summarizing payable invoices -183981423
    • Send Credit Note with summarized items if summarized item options is set. – 183786248
    • Add a ‘summarized invoice’ sync option to reduce what needs to be sent to totals only. -183320123
  • Xero integration
    • Date of RA Claim is now sent to Xero with the return claim – 183766690
    • Cash up report sync now includes eWay invoices -180424274
  • Bin shipping
    • Hitting “Send ready to ship” on Part filed page was sending all orders which is often not intended. Now orders must be ticked to send -183635857
  • Group Cart Transfer
    • Added the ability to transfer items from group store A’s PO cart to group store B’s PO cart to enable store B to order on behalf of store A – 183423185 (A video is coming for this)
  • Barcodes
    • Changed Circle-generated barcodes to EAN-13 standard so they only contain numbers (CIR has been replaced with 247) to resolve issues with printing and scanning – 169879425
  • Performance
    • Reduced Site Account update queues by skipping cash account updates -184007868
  • Returns
    • Removed the delete link on the Awaiting Credit Note page -183812544
  • Load stock
    • Removed automatic currency conversion in load stock – 183755220
  • Exception Page
    • When you delete an item, the Exception Page now also updates. 164832222


  • Infrastructure
    • Moved Create Or Update Site Accounts Jobs to a separate queue -183861232 This is to stop these jobs blocking other jobs.


  • Upgrade – R6
    • Fixed failing tests in the R6 gift card controller 184143870

See for all changes including bug fixes.

Some of the things we are currently working on:

  • Rails 6 Upgrade
  • Circle Gift Card
  • Xero Integration Improvements
  • Movers Upgrade
  • Bug Fixes