Since the Last Update

In March work continued on the Circle gift card system including the design of the interface to sell Circle gift cards thorough the website. We also added an improvement to the Product Field, making it possible to add any selected special fields to the advanced Search.

System upgrade work continued including search, framework and R6 development.

New Features

  • Bin Fulfilment
    • Created an API to get invoice data to enable invoice printing from the new interfaces -181133144
    • Added an A4 print option to the bin process. -180943817
  • Staff IDs
    • Added staff hot/pos keys set up to the back office. This will enable each staff member to have a pin they put in after a transaction to link staff to transactions 142190759 Backoffice > Staff List > Staff Member
    • Add staff key interface to the pos and post staff ID with the transaction. -181133116
  • PO cart API
    • Create a API for listing site suppliers -181394632
      Added an API that will enable an external services to inject orders directly into po carts -180943798
  • Gift Cards
    • Designed the Interface to sell Circle gift cards through website -181365500
  • Staff transaction tagging
    • Added an endpoint to access Staff PINs in POS – 181373054 (Now testing on beta if you would like to try this contact support)


  • Product Field
    • Make it possible to add any selected special fields to the advanced Search. 180929807 Settings > Field Display
  • Gift Cards
    • You can now redeem the new Circle gift card in the website checkout -170625317 (This is behind a feature flag so if you want to try it you need to contact support to get it turned on in your site)
    • Removed old voucher settings and replaced new gift card settings in field display 181258652 (again to get this in your site you need to contact support to get it turned on)
    • Β 

Infrastructure Upgrades

  • Upgrades
    • Search and framework upgrades – 181226756, 181291364
    • Continued work on the R6 development framework upgrade -181292090, 181302142, 181288868
    • Work continues on system upgrades, in this case the r6 system upgrade and more memory for our automated test system πŸ™‚ 181027672, 181363905
    • Infrastructure and framework upgrades – 181395190, 181394668

SeeΒ for all changes including bug fixes.

Currently working on:

  • Rails 6 upgrade
  • Circle Gift Card
  • Staff hot keys
  • Bug Fixes