Since the Last Update

This August we have focussed on improving the speed of the system and management of the load on our servers. We are developing a range of features that benefit secondhand booksellers; the first of these is a local image and we would appreciate shops testing it on beta for us. If you would like to suggest software changes that would assist secondhand sellers you are more than welcome to add to our work in progress document.

New Feature

  • Order State Changing
    • Sales orders, quotes, appro etc. can now be changed to another type without having rekey. E.g. Quote to Order when a quote is accepted. (video)

Beta Test Requests

  • The ability to add a local image – particularly needed by second hand booksellers. (video)
  • The way sort works in customer orders has changed from URL to a database sort, enabling sorting on very large orders of 500+.
  • We have changed the database to improve speed/reduce load in general, but in particular PO carts and anything to do with order items should be faster. This is a fairly major change so please try it on beta and let support know if you find issues.
  • Please email if you are interested in testing Rails 4.


  • Customer Orders
    • Display deposits on special orders in the pending customer orders interface and on the order itself.
  • Payment Express Eftpos Certification
    • Receipt needs to be updated to add a signature.
  •  Speed
    • Added Force Index to get_orders query to use expected index to try and make this query faster.
    • Create an index for attribute site_id. Don’t worry that you can’t understand this it just means that anything to do with orders will be faster now and overall load lower.
    • Removed the pre-load of all documents on each request. The system was slow after the last push and this was the issue.
    • Optimised the get_orders query but still have more work to do on this.
    • Speed up the customer order count in the PO cart drop list. No bugs were reported from beta or our own testing so have pushed this to prod.
    • The counting of all orders (customer and purchase) to display in the PO Cart drop down was slowing the system down so have changed the database to make these numbers faster to get.

Bug Fixes, Housekeeping and System Administration

Should be completed in the coming month:

  • POS improvements.
  • Vii gift card integration.
  • Box scanning tool for inwards goods.
  • Leading Edge Integration for order sending.
  • Customer order picking revamp.

Things we are working on that are likely to take longer:

  • Rails 4.2 upgrade.

Beyond the next month:

  • Ability to pay invoices with Cr notes.

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