Since the Last Update

The big developments continued in Dec, Xero upgrade and customer order picking. In addition there were SEO improvements, the start of starshipit integration and issues that came up related to EDI and background processing that needed to be resolved.

Few Feature

  • Starshipit Integration – is a shipping management system helpful when shipping web orders.
    • Add fields in external services settings to save clients API and Subscription Key #175791792
    • Create an API endpoint (POST request) to create orders in starshipit #175791950


  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Add Google recommended fields #167270229
    • Make the slug field visible in backend to aid Search Engine Optimisation #175882885
  • Customer Order Fulfillment
    • Add a feature in Binned Items interface to flag bins that are ready for shipment #175792820
    • Filter binned orders by ready to ship in the API. 175867761
  • Paypal
    • Bring back the order confirmation email notification for orders paid through PayPal #174435841
  • Item pick system
    • Create an interface for binned items #175196761
  • Deals
    • Add the ability to modify deal end dates #175317274
    • After editing and replacing the item on the Deal, the New ISBN is not recognized in Load Stock as being offered with a deal. #175734738
  • Xero
    • Fixed Xero OAuth2 connection #175713472
    • Invoices can now be pushed to Xero in the new upgraded version. #174778248
  • Sales Reports
    • Add a printable version to the category report Backoffice > Reports > Category #175586957
  • eWay
    • Apply client side encryption #175735439
  • Queue processing
    • Ensure only unique TouchJobs are enqueued. The cuts the queues, reduces load, increases speed #175771334
    • Enable background processing queues to run in parallel #175886192 This enables background queues to be split and processed faster.
    • Increase the frequency at which products are enqueued. #175946980
  • POS
    • Add an option to retry stuck transactions from the back office admin section #175928807
  • Pacstream EDI
    • Raise an exception if the payload is incomplete when sending an order #174984641 This is to guarantee the XML order payload is complete on our side before sending and to alert you immediately if there is an issue so you can send again.
    • Created a script to detect orders present in the backoffice but absent from the Pacstream portal. #175845933


Currently working on:

  • Xero Upgrade
  • Migrating last stores to R4
  • Order fulfilment improvements
  • Speed on slow pages
  • Mob Backoffice