Since the Last Update

June has been dominated by effots to increase speed and to deal with load that turned out to be due to a flood of stock update requests from the POS.

Despite this we were still able to roll out a customer merge feature, an ex gst invoice option and added author and pub date to movers.

New Features

  • Customer merge
    • Duplicated customer accounts can now be merged. Backoffice > Customers search up and tick the customers you want to merge and click ‘Merge’  Video


    •  POS
      • Addes A filter to limit stock update requests hitting the database to once per minute per pos.
      • Added an interface that allows us to see which stores stock update request floods are coming form and limit them.
      • Allow single item lookups through the stock update rate limiter.
      • Adjust rate limiter to stop requests queuing up on the web server.
    • Customer search and setup
      • Improved interface for setting up new customers with the same name when doing customer orders. #166106320
    • Movers
      • Added author and pub date.
    • Servers
      • Expanded the Database server
      • Expanded available space on the database server hard drive.
    • Rails 4
      • Pushed Vii integration and other updates in the master branch the Rails4 server. (Now we need to fix incompatibilities.
    • Speed
      • Stopped robots.txt hitting the database.
      • Improved the Redis config, the system that does the background processing.
      • Avoid blank ISBNs when downloading images using resque jobs
      • Configure servers to use ELASTIC_SEARCH_URL to take load off the database server
    • Customer orders
      • ‘Ship’ has been returned to the drop option list.
    • Migration tool
      • Old payments will no longer be deleted when delete data is used.
    • Accounts
      • An ex gst invoice option has been added to accounts.
      • Changed the invoice sort back to oldest on Top
      • Add one more automated test case to invoices

Should be completed in the coming month:

  • Customer order picking in inwards goods to beta
  • Further speed improvements
  • Infrastructure Upgrades

Things we are working on that are likely to take longer:

  • Returns optimization


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