Since the Last Update

The focus this month has been on improving the Agency and Distributor settings and the efficiency of setting up new stores. We are continuing to push towards upgrading the framework our application runs on from Rails 3 to Rails 4, which has proved to be quite the undertaking. As well as code changes to make the system work in the new environment we are finding performance issues that we need to address before we can change.

Beta Test Requests


  • Agency
    • Added a popup warning to the Agency change tool.
  • Clone Tool
    • Addition to enable the clone tool to copy non-tracked items.
    • Copy Payment Types (POS settings) has been added to the clone tool.
    • If a site is copied from an Australian site the default currency should be AUD.
    • The site clone tool is now able to clone site settings. The clone tool allows us to setup new sites based on old ones, this saves a lot of time during setup and configuration.
  • Distributors
    • Bold or flag recommended distributors.
    • Distributor model now pops up faster.
    • Updated Distributor Settings Interface to be clearer and enable distributors to be removed.
  • Gift Vouchers
    • Implement the ability to pay online with gift vouchers.
  • Head Office Site
    • Create a Head Office site setting and show the group sales report in it. Removed this report from shop sites.
  • Migration Tool
    • Optimize upload speed for Sales History files.
  • SEO
    • Stopped print pages being indexed, fixed crawl errors.
  • System Admin
    • Found a setting in the upgraded database that works a bit differently to the previous version. After tweaking it, high RAM use and the load caused by high RAM use has been resolved.
  • Quick Setup Wizard
    • Setup Wizard fails to indicate which Supplier Group. Default Currency is always NZD. Default Product Type is Gifts, but should be Book.

Bug Fixes, Housekeeping and System Administration

Should be completed in the coming month:

  • Rails 4.2 upgrade.
  • Automated consignment billing through the POS.
  • A bug bash.
  • Vii gift card integration.

Things we are working on that are likely to take longer:

  • Leading Edge Integration for order sending.
  • Customer order picking revamp.
  • New central site for groups using new Java Script (Vuejs) technology that will eventually turn into a new Backoffice for stores (have a look here).

Beyond the next month:

  • Ability to pay invoices with Cr notes.
  • Ability to sell vouchers on account.