Since the Last Update

At this time of the year attention turns to speed and stability and most of the changes in November relate to this although large ongoing improvements continue, Xero upgrade and new customer order picking.


    • Website
      • Improved Product Information box layout
      • Upgraded tinymce, this is the plugin/gem used to load images into categories. #171894289
      • Cart notes (settings > field display) to give instructions on online shoppers have been put into the new checkout. #175390572
    • Deals
      • Add the ability to “delete item” so that titles can be removed from uploaded deals #175057528
      • Setting a site to ‘Admin’ does not enable deal loading – it does now πŸ™‚ #175491813
    • Backend systems
      • Improving and fixing the Circle-cli code, this is the code that we use to manage which servers sites are sent to. #175203410
      • Add the ability to assign active/inactive SiteDomains #175511518
    • Speed
      • Change deals filter to use sql to avoid memory eating movers requests #175209328
      • Make pages with deals on them load faster by adding relationship between items table and spreadsheet_deal_products table #175297872
      • Limit the number of items that can be added to the cart to 100 unique items to prevent bots loading in 1000’s of items and causing system load #175358447
      • Enable the background queue processing system to run in parallel for invoice processing to enable faster clearing of queues. #175239521
    • Security
      • Update the code in circle-cli to use only active domains for creating a bundle of SSL certificates #175511711
    • Infrastructure
      • Tidy up k8s configuration. Remove unused configurations, add existing configurations to YAML file in the codebase #175515032
    • New Customer Order fulfilment
      • Create functionality to generate a printable bin report after binning scanned items #175240923
    • APIs
      • Create an API to fetch bin report data #175370853
      • Create an API endpoint to fetch sale orders with Items #175570575
      • Modify sale order item API endpoint to accept order id #175609400
    • Mob Backoffice
      • Tidy up mob app layout to use the new layout and make it responsive #175240772 (We have started the big job of updating the backoffice to new technology & making it mobile first. You will start to see new interfaces done this way soon)
    • Fast Search
      • The fast search system has now been upgraded to the latest version on r4. This has taken months of work and late nights so great to see it done.
    • Search Upgrade
      • Upgraded The fast search system to the latest version and fixed automated tests #173832999 (A little tweet like this doesn’t to the amount of work that went into this justice πŸ™‚

Currently working on:

  • Xero Upgrade
  • Migrating last stores to R4
  • Order fulfilment improvements
  • Speed on slow pages
  • Mob Backoffice