Since the Last Update

System speed has continued to improve through September as optimisations are rolled out. The system now runs faster than it ever has and further improvements are in the pipeline.

We were also able to roll out the following new features and improvements.

New Features

    • A unique code generator for load stock. Video
    • Aged stock report. Backoffice > Reports > Stock > Aged stock  Video: 1:05


    • Agency
      • Created a better flow when creating distributor from agency. This will make it easier to load self published titles.  Video: 6:15
      • Stopped the option to add distributor appearing again again when you edit agency.
    • Accounts
      • Changed logic to restrict customer searches in accounts from group wide to only customers that have transactions in the site.
    • Security
      • The manual stock adjustment report is now split into more columns to make it easier to copy and paste out into excel. Backoffice > Reports > Stock > Stock Adjustments 
    • Movers
      • Added sort links to title, category, all time sales and stock on hand. The default when you open remains by ‘you sold’. The aim of this is to help stores that have different buyers for different categories.
    • Speed
      • Update to stop finished inwards jobs looping in the queuing system.
    • Cash up
      • Add transaction type flags to payments in the detail report to make it easier to trace issues in cash ups
      • Labeled the totals to make it clear what includes GST and what does not.
      • Changed the transaction detail report to be by invoice/sale rather then by category to make seeing what is in a total easier. (Sales by category is still available in Reports > Sales this week)
    • Vii Gift Cards
      • Changed the heading on an invoice used to sell a Vii gift card on account from Cr Note to ‘Tax Invoice’
    • Customer Orders
      • You can now Edit the Customer Ref and Notes fields on the Customer Order. This enables a reference to be added to customer orders done in the back office
    • Inwards goods CO Pick
      • You can now email all customer at once that have had a customer order arrive. It includes the customer name and the book they ordered.
    • Upload Tool
      • Add a new header for stock to enable the loading of Re-order Code.
    • Load Stock
      • Change load stock so that it loads community items first and then brings feed items in in the background. Improves speed and allows you to start on categories etc while feed items come in.
    • Deals
      • Improve the information flag on items that have deals 
    • Website
      • Reverse stock mapping interface for group websites for cases where there isn’t a single site that holds most titles.

Should be completed in the coming month:

  • Customer order bulk messaging system
  • New central site for groups
  • Returns Optimisation

Things we are working on that are likely to take longer:

  • Rails 4
  • Customer order pick up in the POS