Since the last update

The focus in January has been the Rails 4.2 upgrade which we are now at the point of asking some brave, tech-savvy stores to beta test. If you would like to try the new R4.2 version please email:

New Features

No new features in January, but automated consignment billing went to beta for testing.


  • Accounts
    • Returned the default view to 2 months and added a ‘view open items’ link.
  • INW Goods
    • Aligned the arrows for copying Sales and Reg_Price.
  • Label Printing
    • Huge INW Goods could not be printed due to Error 414 URL Too Large. (Have changed the method).
  • New Layout
    • Replaced the text ‘In Stock’ with ‘Available Stock’.
  • PO Search
    • Search result is now properly using the available space.
  • SEO
    • Google Tag Manager reports added.
    • Developer completed a task related to Google Analytics.
  • Website
    • Improved default price colour CSS.

Bug Fixes, Housekeeping and System Administration

Should be completed in the coming month:

  • Rails 4.2 upgrade.
  • Automated consignment billing through the POS.

Things we are working on that are likely to take longer:

  • Ability to pay invoices with Cr notes.
  • Further SEO and website performance monitoring.

New things we want to make a start on:

  • New billing system.
  • Customer order picking revamp.

Beyond the next month:

  • New central site for groups using new Java Script (Vuejs) technology that will eventually turn into a new Backoffice for stores.

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