Since the last update

At this time of year the priority is on stability and speed rather than big feature rollouts. There were signs of POS slowness in big stores and resolving this took a large part of the month. On top of this there were a good number of improvements and bug fixes. I would say that the unresolved bug count is at the lowest point it has even been.


  • POS
    • Adjust search by title to limit the number of results. This speeds up item searches that may be too patchy for stores with large stock holdings.
    • Only downloads special orders for the selected customer (not all customers). This will improve speed at the POS. You need POS .65 for this.
    • Save records in batches to further increase speed.
    • Backoffice: fixed the format of “Other POS Settings” – the words were overlapping.
  • New Website Layout
    • eWay now comes up with a message rather than an error # if there is an issue.
    • Featured category header and featured category (thumbs) header should have the same font size.
    • Corrected the wording on the Cart Checkout page to: “Your order is on its way” from: “Your order is on it’s way”
    • CSS tidyups, improved stock label colour, fixed centering on mob devices and removed store name when not in a group.
  • Group Special Code
    • Add an option to turn this on and off. Off by default to remove clutter around the signup.
  • Purchase Orders
    • Order Dates to reflect actual Date of Order.
    • PO Cart: When the bcc is ticked and the field is empty, it will throw an error instead of giving user feedback.
  • Xero
    • Layby invoices are now listed in Accounts > Aged Receivable > Sale Invoices, so they can now sync to Xero.
    • Circle now asks you to connect to Xero during syncing if Xero is not connected.
  • ONIX Upload
    • ONIX uploads will no longer update publisher or imprint fields where community data exists.
  • Category Report
    • Sort is now by stock value Backoffice > Reports > Category.
  • Deep in the System
    • Site products were getting updated too many times causing very long processing queues.

Bug Fixes housekeeping and system admin

Should complete in the coming Month

  • Setup wizard
  • The ability to pay invoices with Cr notes
  • Ability to self update prices and stock using ONIX and CSV
  • New billing system

Things we are working on that are likely to take longer

  • Rails 4 upgrade
  • Continuing bug hunt

New things we want to make a start on

  • Customer order picking revamp
  • Further SEO and website performance monitoring
  • Bootstrap 3 upgrade in the back office (currently in the design phase)

Beyond the next month

  • Use of docker to dynamically scale the system based on demand

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