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Why a management system is important

A system that enforces best practice and improves productivity is vital.

Selling books is not the same as selling coffee or hardware and a system that is used across many different industries will be a compromise. When choosing a system ensure that  it is tailored for bookshops.

Why CirclePOS is the system you should choose?

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Thinking of starting a bookstoreSpecialized for Bookstores

CirclePOS comes with tried and trusted processes refined over many years and used by hundreds of successful bookstores. Joining CirclePOS grants you access to this valuable knowledge and experience.

Thinking of starting a bookstore

Reduced Costs

Thinking of starting a bookstore

Data entry is eliminated with included data feeds saving thousands. With a modest monthly turnover based fee starting at $50, there are no upfront costs. Pay only for the training and website design you need. See the Price calculator.

Increase Sales

An integrated ecommerce website optimized for bookshops updates itself as part of regular stock control. Integrated CRM tools help you engage effectively with customers, boosting sales.

Expert Training - Just what you need when you're thinking of starting a bookstore

CirclePOS trainers are experienced bookshop managers who understand the ins and outs of bookselling. They can go beyond technical aspects, providing valuable bookshop management advice. Particularly helpful for newcomers. (See some of the sessions here.)

Thinking of starting a bookstore

Cloud-Based & Multi-Platform

Thinking of starting a bookstoreWork from anywhere and stay connected with your team, and your customers, no matter where they are. In-store, choose  the PC of your choice, be it Mac, Linux, or Windows.

Trusted by Top Bookstores

CirclePOS is used by world-renowned bookstores, including award winning Matilda Bookshop and Readings.

Read a Case Study on how CirclePOS was a saviour for independent bookstores during lockdowns

Start today

CirclePOS has an easy onboarding process that allows you to begin quickly and hassle-free.
Let us help you make the transition to starting a bookstore.