A cloud based inventory system for bookstores that makes you as good online as you are in store

What is CirclePOS?

Everything needed to run a bookshop online and in store: Inventory control, POS, accounts, ordering, returns, integrated website.

Making local bookshops the centre of the world

Independent Local Bookstores - Retain your Independence in an Online World

Bookstore Software

Independent Booksellers

Curate a collection that's perfect for your local audience and save time by utilising the shared data from the Circle community. Theme your store to match your uniqueness and have all this mirrored online for no extra work.

Second Hand Bookselling

Second Hand Booksellers

Special Features for second hand bookselling include:

Bookstore Software for Groups

Groups & Franchises

Group and franchise stores play a vital role in many small towns around the world. You are often the local bookshop. Our cloud platform puts all your stores on the same page meaning easier and faster sharing of information between stores and head office with a unified web presence that supports all group stores.

More for Groups & Franchises

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Bookstore Software

Why Circle

  • Get a website that keeps itself up to date in realtime for no extra cost or work
  • Reach customers that can't reach you
  • Work remotely
  • Run Mac in your store (if you like)
  • Cut data entry
  • Cut IT support costs
  • Join a large and growing community
  • Enjoy up-to-date software integrations from the likes of Xero to Titlepage

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Want To Join The Circle?

With Circle you're a part of a local bookselling community

Powered by Circle, these two sites display in real time what is actually on the shelf at local stores.

yourbookstore.ioYourbookstore.io and Bookhub.co.nz offer your customers another option for harder to find titles and a place to go for people that want to support local but currently shop on big central sites. Search results show where the book is and connect customers directly to the store to make a purchase.


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