A cloud based bookstore system that makes you as good online as you are in store

What is CirclePOS?

CirclePOS bookstore software includes inventory control, POS and an integrated website.

Beyond this, we’re an ecosystem for local bookstores; connecting you to suppliers, customers and each other to give realtime informations and cut data entry.

We are making local bookshops the centre of the world

Independent Local Bookstores - Retain your Independence in an Online World

Bookstore Software

Independent Booksellers

Curate a collection that's perfect for your local audience and save time by utilising the shared data from the Circle community. Theme your store to match your uniqueness and have all this mirrored online for no extra work.

Second Hand Bookselling

Second Hand Booksellers

Special Features for second hand bookselling include:

Bookstore Software for Groups

Groups & Franchises

Group and franchise stores play a vital role in many small towns around the world. You are often the local bookshop. Our cloud platform puts all your stores on the same page meaning easier and faster sharing of information between stores and head office with a unified web presence that supports all group stores.

More for Groups & Franchises

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Local bookshops expand people's minds, give them stories to escape to new worlds and even fix people's problems, but are often stuck behind bricks and mortar and offline systems.

People want local connections, genuine personal service and inspiration but are stuck in an online world.

In order to flourish, all bookshop inhabitants - readers, authors publishers and distributors need to be able to connect. Because our bookstore software creates an environment using online tools we make it easier to work together as an industry, reach people online and for online people to find their local bookstores. And we offer a host of software integrations from the likes of Xero to Titlepage.

Bookstore Software

Why Circle

  • Be truly independent
  • Compete with the big guys
  • Outsource technical challenges so you can concentrate on selling books
  • Create a rich curated experience for your local audience

Take a look at some short videos to learn more

Step 1 - Talk to our Sales Experts

The CirclePOS ecosystem has helped hundreds of local bookstores around the world, but it’s not for everyone. Book a call with Rick or Mary, they’ll listen to your wants and needs and help you figure out if CirclePOS will help you.

Step 2 - Book a Free Demo

If you think CirclePOS might help, are happy with the pricing, but would like to see more detail this demo is for you. This is the best way to experience all the features of CirclePOS.

You will be walked through the system by an expert and will have be able to ask questions as you go. Allow 1 hour for the demo.

Want To Join The Circle?

Customers & Integrations

Association Portal

In addition to supporting the usual bookstore functions CirclePOS enables like minded groups of independent stores to work together.

yourbookstore.ioThe association portal gives groups of stores a central web portal that directs customers to member stores and a group buying system for managing group deals with publishers. See bookhub.co.nz and yourbookstore.io for examples.