New since last update

  1. Google move
    The big achievement this month was the Google move. Thank you for your patience as we went through this. Now that we are on google infrastructure a whole new world of possibilities are open. Website delivered in under 3 seconds anywhere in the world, infinite ability to scale up.
  2. New website/mob designs
    We have now almost completed the default designs for the new website layout. You can get a sneak preview of the mockups here (PW just.jesting)
  3. EDI test system
    We now have a way to manually test Pacstream EDI and have received our first EDI test invoice. This should make EDI much safer to use and enable us to do more development on it. Thanks to Harper Collins for giving us a test account and Pacstream for setting this up for us.


  1. Print option added to wishlists, handy for customers but also if you want to print a list without having to move categories around > Video  (0:46)
  2. A central site for groups. This feature allows you to show combined stock from all your sites in a single central website. Helpful for customers if different stores in the group have different stock > Video  (0:47)
  3. New Agency and Category reports with stock value, GP, stock turn and GP/meter stats. > Video
  4. Click and Collect – (on Beta with a test request) > Video


  1. Website
    Improved Title and Description metatags
    Improved hierarchy of Information for SEO. Gives you a better layout in Google when your shop or books are listed.
    Change ‘Access Code’ to ‘Group Special Code’ on the signup page and add the field to the login interface to enable customers to signup to special groups themselves.
    Removed the red out of stock warning from the cart.
  2. Backoffice
    Label printing: Added an option to switch between old and new label printing. Backoffice > Settings > Website > ‘Use old print label system:’.
    Added tracking to category changes to help track down the bug that is causing titles to drop into the default category
    Add type column to order items table to make it faster to find purchase and sale orders.
    Stopped new sites being setup when a distributor is added.
    The Date of the Return Request now set at the date the cart is posted.
  3. Reporting
    Date picker added to the stock on hand report. Get a stock value for any date in the past. > Reports > Stock
    Category Report is now sorted by stock value to match the agency report. > Reporting > Category
    Stock Report is now sorted by stock value to match the agency report > Reports >  Stock > Stock on Hand
    Removed ‘unnecessary’ + when there are no subcategories. > Reports > Stock on Hand:
    ‘Stock on Hand’ label changed to items on hand to make what it is more clear. > Reports > Stock:
    Stock value and sales history now follow items to new categories or agencies when moved. This is necessary to maintain accurate stock totals and stock turns. (Note this means that history will be lost from New Release categories when items are moved.) We are thinking about a ‘New Release’ sales report to cover this gap.
    Categories/agencies with 0 stock and 0 sales are no longer displayed. Reports > Category & Agency
    Sort publishers by stock value (under the +) in the agency report. Reports > Agency > +
  4. Under the bonnet & Housekeeping
    Replace avg_cost_cache table with ES data
    Removed unused tables
    Removed the old stock on hand report. It was eating all our disk space and the new one is faster and better.
    Removed old avg_cost_caches table to clear space on the database server.
    Removed the unused stock budget report
    Remove the option : “Users can write reviews”. We want to add a proper user based review system at some point.
    Removed hi/lo price setting in Bkoffice > Settings > Financial. Customer will get best price if there are 2 discount options.
  5. Sys Admin
    Removed resque retry as it was contributing to load spikes.
    Google data migration (we moved 20 million records)

See for a full list.