This upgrade focused on bug fixes but also has the following feature additions.

  • Deleted items are now hidden from the search results except on ISBN searches.
  • In inwards goods you will get a warning if you try to submit the same invoice number from the same supplier twice.
  • A -ve stock and hidden items report has been added to Stock > manage stock > Missing Imags/Decs
  • Pinterest has been added to the social media line up – See single page view on the website.
  • A full category list option has been added to the home page – Settings > Home page
  • Qty totals have been added to Movers and Purchase Orders
  • Totals have been added to the stock adjustment report – Stock > Stock Report > stock adjustments
  • A % has been added to the category sales report – Reports > Category
  • Loyalty expiry date options have been extended out to 5 years. Settings > Financial
  • Added the ability to email groups and integrated Mailchimp Customers > Custom User Groups
  • New website cart and checkout layout with images in the cart, cleaner easier to use navigation and better support for phones.
  • A new report that gives all accounts sales for for a selected period. Accounts > Invoice view
  • The ability to set a customer as an account customer by setting their paument terms as other than cash. This means that sales to these customers will be captured in the invoice view from the backoffice as well as the pos. Customers > edit > payment terms
  • Revamped returns search. We have improved the layout and now show all invoices for an item. We are currently working on updating the returns filters Returns >

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