In addition to bug fixes the following features were added.

  1. Return search now has a total a the bottom so that you know exactly how many items you are returning. It also provides a double check on what you have scanned. – Backoffice > Returns
  2. Improved shipping and billing address display on invoices. This has been tricky and is complicated by paypal orders where customers put one shipping address in our system and then another in paypal. Now what happens is that the shipping address selected on the order is displayed. For back office sales the defaults are displayed. Following the system upgrade we will re organze this area to make is less complex.
  3. Return filter update – you can now filter returns in the following ways;
    1. [ 3 ] to [ 12 ] months from invoice date
      If this is selected sup inv #’s are listed that are between 3 and 12 months old and have return spaces left on them.
    2. [ 3 ] to [ 12 ] months from first invoice date
      If this is selected you get a list of sup inv #’s that are between 3 and 12 months from first invoice date and have return spaces left on them.
    3. [ 3 ] to [ 12 ] months from publication date
      If this is selected you get a list of sup inv #’s that are between 3 and 12 months from publication date and had return spaces left on them. If the title does not have a publication date set it is flagged and we go back to first invoice date.
    4. No filter –
      For when they want to do things totally manually.
  4. Youtube has been added to the single page view in the catalogue.
  5. For Pacstream users an option to email the order has been added for when it is needed. (Special deals through reps etc).
  6. Added a date selector to movers. – Backoffice > Movers
  7. Increased cashup report speed.
  8. When scanning into the website cart double scanned barcodes increase the quantity
  9. A ‘Shop Notes’ field has been added to each item and displays in purchase order search on the left. The next step is to integrate this into the (info) icon so that ant notes can be seen throughout the system.
  10. Numbering has been added to the website cart.
  11. The awards field now shows in the top level of the catalogue so there is now no excuse for adding awards to the title field.
  12. The website cart now dynamically update when quantity is adjusted.
  13. You can now print barcodes from nontracked items. Backoffice > search up the nontracked item (yourID_itemcode)  > go to the single page edit and print as usual.
  14. Updated jzebra label printing to work with the latest java version.
  15. Add a page to show community statistics this is just for us but for your interest the community currently has
    1. 2,261,751 Total Products
    2. 704,231 Unique non-discontinued Items
    3. 268,327 Unique Products with Images
    4. 369 Unqiue Products with videos
    5. 222 New/Unique Items Added Everyday
  16. Added a new deposit process. This is an important change that makes putting a deposit on an account easier. See this video on how to take a deposit but instead of putting it on through the accounts, you do it through the customer list.
    1. Setup the new customer
    2. Search them up under the customer tab
    3. Click the (i) icon in the ‘Fin’ column this will take you to the customers account where you are able to put the deposit on to the account directly.


Some of the major things we plan to do next

  1. Total system upgrade (in progress now)
  2. EDI inwards goods
  3. Removing hold items from stock values on the website
  4. Extended SSL encryption
  5. Xero integration
  6. DSP integration

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