The main new things in this release are; transfer EDI for group stores, sales history exports for stores that want to do their own reports and a new data migration system that enables support team rather than developers to migrate data from old systems.

Feature additions

  • Group ‘Transfer’ EDI has been added for transfers between group stores. When stock is invoiced out from store A an inwards goods job is automatically created in store B.
  • Sales history export added to enable shops to do their own sales reporting. Backoffice > Reoprts > Monthly Sales
  • New data upload system that means that support staff rather than developers can now load data from old systems into Circle. This frees developers to concentrate on improving the system.
  • Vouchers can now be listed up in the backoffice. Backoffice > Accounts > Show all Vouchers
  • Faster voucher creation in the POS.
  • Extra fields from Tyro eftpos now show in the backoffice on payments
  • Weekly Sales : GST  has been removed from the Total Sales to give you accurate actual sales.
  • Create User Form : to retain general information from the customer. This will lessen repetitive typing for the user if they strike an error.
  • “Update from Bookdata” button changed to to “Update from data feeds” to reflect that there is now a circle feed in addition to the bookdata feed Backoffice > Load Stock. If you subscribe to Bookdata, it will be looked up first and then only go on to the Circle feed if it is not found in Bookdata.

Bug fixes

  • Page no longer scrolls to the top when clicking the wish list button.
  • Purchase Order : Pagination Issue – Can’t access more than 10 pages of results per category
  • Remove the core stock * from the website display
  • Search Bar is displaying Sell Price with Staff Discount making the staff confused
  • The link to download CSV orders is broken.
  • New API not uploading. When trying to upload a test data set, the page doesn’t indicate that it is loading and no update reflected on the ‘Migration running status’ page.
  • Reports > Category : December is showing multiple times on the dropdown list
  • Load Stock : The ‘Select All’ checkbox is not working
  • Fix automatic tests
  • Fixed – Items put into the wishlist in an anonymous session are not getting into the list on login.
  • Voucher Schedule : Fix the Invoice Link, “Unpurchased” text header
  • Fixed – Shipped Purchase Orders are not showing in Currently on Order Page
  • Sales Transaction [Data Import] were tagged under Customer ID: alex.forsyth and Payments are all Zero Dollar
  • Fixed Home Phone Number isn’t upload by the API
  • PO# not created on the Receiving Store creating Outdated PO# and On Order Stat


  • Sales value for August – December 2013 is incorrect. Very low value.
  • Missing Return Request
  • Fix the Profits for imported data – missing cost price bug
  • Enable loyalty for all customers and recalculate loyalty
  • Correction for March 2014 Sale won’t reflect on Reports > Monthly Sales
  • Look into ways to minimize the size of versions table
  • Staff Accidentally Deletes a Return Awaiting Approval – Need to recover
  • Inwards Goods History seems to be missing on Prod, need to re-upload
  • Extract a CSV File listing Customer Details for User Group
  • Investigate into why some stock uploads are failing


  • Optimizations to increase speed especially in reports, customer orders and website.
  • Make the website more mobile phone friendly
  • Accounts Payable
  • Xero
  • Support for second hand title entry
  • New POS
  • More servers