Search system update.

  • Put search on resque to alleviate the load issues.

The main reason is to push changes to production today is to improve system performance. Last week we changed the way the search indexed. This fixed many of the updating issues we were having with the new search but had the knock on effect of delaying processes in the system when the search was reindexing (ordering, inwards goods etc).

The solution now on beta has been to put the search indexer on another system (Resque) that will enable it to run in the background. In other words your jobs get priority

Other features that will go through with this update

  • Title page price and availability lookups.
  • Stock now listed in ‘in stock’ order when you click the search button on the website.
  • Quick search in the back office now sorting by number in stock
  • Stop/warn staff if they are trying to check out a cart with 0 quantities.
  • Added stubbing for Bookdata tests.
  • Removed the category label background on the website.
  • Screen shots added to colour setting tool tips in settings > templates.

Bug fixes

  • Styles are no longer lost when you use a combination of quick search and search button on the website.
  • Fix the address lines in user edit form where address was not showing
  • Stopped deploy breaking image links on beta.
  • Fixed time zone not being set stopping cashups from being dropped
  • Cart checkout is throwing an error
  • Advanced search throws an error when part of a word in the title is put in.
  • Clicking save in this inwards job throws an error
  • Catalogue printing is throwing an error.
  • Search glitches
    • Stock being entered today is showing up properly but last week’s stock is still not.
      Example of a title not showing in title search
  • External services is throwing an error on alpha in all stores
  • In suppliers auto complete, display no results if there are empty matches
  • Fix the simple cov warning message for tests on circleci
  • Template colour settings keep changing on page refresh
  • Fix for resque workers not starting properly
  • Fixed jammed stock take.
  • Fixed error in inwards goods on save

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