Features and improvements

The main things in this update were system speed improvements, additional website configuration options, improvements to the payment types interface and better integration of online payment options into the cash up.

  • Additional website design customisation options (Setting > Templates)
    • Keep the background out of the container on the content pages as it is on the item pages.
    • Remove redundant home page setting in the category manager.
  • Integrated Swipe and other  online Credit Card options properly into the cash up.
  • Improved the payment types interface to enable un-dropping of items
  • Replaced Bookdata soap client when the old one stopped working with their service
  • Speed improvements
    • category report
    • Add index on voucher_id on payment_items table to improve POS transactions. Increased speed 100 times.

Bug fixes

  • Footer Styles not saving html header tags
  • Template link Settings – Link is sticking on green when no green colour has been selected in template settings.
  • Customers by category preference not working
  • Remove html from availability information.
  • Search fixes
    • Example of a category not displaying all it should in the backoffice.
    • Examples of titles that are not coming up in category searches in stable and beta.
    • An example of an item the shows in the backoffice quick search but not the website
    • Fixed some advanced Search glitches
    • An example of the backoffice category search still not working.
  • Fixed the messed up the column alignment following the addition of the ‘Terms’ field.
  • Inwards goods summary – gst on EDI invoices is getting into the error column.
  • Fixed the failing test on alpha

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