The main additions in this update are the addition of a Circle community data feed and additional data upload tools to make data migrations easier, faster and more reliable.

Feature additions and improvements

  • Allow full deletion of un-submitted inwards goods jobs.
  • Expanded automatic testing
    • Fix the stubbing for paypal and swipe
  • Bookdata logging
  • Optimize CartController#show_shipping_cost
  • Improve deposit receipt
  • Remove the feature that requites an email conformation when signing up on the website.
  • Circle direct data feed as an additional option to Nielsen Bookdata
    • Check the image  for blank white images and pick the best one
    • Colour code the items coming from this feed
  • Additional migration tools
    • Log migrations to new log file
    • Remove extra spaces from suppliers auto complete in inwards goods history file upload
    • Remove email id required check while importing customers

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue in cashup report where the same payment type is showing twice following editing.
  • Items are coming up as GST exclusive when they should not be on invoices
  • Fixed caching issue that was slowing stock number update in the catalogue page
  • Stopped Pacstream SAN setting getting dropped when we deploy.
  • Example of a title coming in from bookdata saying it has an image but it does not.
  • Stopped Resque jamming
  • Fixed Settings External services is throwing an error on beta
  • Fixed issue with the way accounts are being paid off in data imports. The amount due is 0 but there is no payment which leaves an amount on the bottom line.
  • Fix titlepage test calling the API
  • Fixed disappearing images from system when availability is changed on Nielson
  • Undefined method `touch’ for nil:NilClass
  • Swipe checkout is failing undefined method `total_price_in_cents’ for #<Cart:0x007f0506bddaa0>
  • Fix the home page and search results page on website throwing errors from matrix barcode changes
  • Check 0.98 error in eftpos  and fix it
  • Error pop-up when saving items on Inwards Goods
  • POS transactions not going through.
  • Cart Checkout error number: #71886 (via Credit Card Payment)

False alarms

  • Example of a special order that is not showing in the right places.
  • Example of an ID not coming up in the cart buy on behalf of field.


  • Removed ‘’ from the customer records to clean up email exports.


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