Since the Last Update

Again no new features in Jan but lots of improvements and bug fixes and work to get everything up and running on the new R4 server. We expect to have the first sites running on this in February.


      • Deals
        • Emailed deals can now be cc’ed to publisher reps and have a reference in the email subject. #170089502
        • Authorising Account Manager is now displayed in the confirm order screen # 170119673
        • Display deal reference in the confirm order screen #170119801
        • Add the authorising Account Manager’s name on the Purchase Order eMail #170590750
      • Speed
        • Movers community search feature has been hidden due to its potential to overload servers # 170171859
        • Initial refactoring for ReportsController#payments. #164067144
        • Added a feature flag to the Payments Report to hide the POS terminal split by default as it makes the report very slow. #170175333
      • Vii
        • PayPal Payment created on the Web Customer Order invoice is the Total of the invoice instead of the $ Value charged through the PayPal website #170228617
        • Account Statement – When printing the Account Statement, the VII Card ID are not showing, they appear as blank lines #170514815
      • Xero
        • When sending acc’s payable Invoices from Backoffice to Xero, make it a DRAFT State in Xero not Awaiting Payment #169141363
      • Build
        • use cwyear instead of year to generate reports based on week. GH #3657
        • Pass year tocalculate number of months – for February leap year GH #3661
      • Logs
        • Update logs change to use append_info_to_payload. This makes it possible to find the source of traffic and the site involved. #170466774
      • Website
        • Add feedback to the PayPal button so customers know what to do. Clicking on it will pop-up a message saying “Click on the Place Order button to complete checkout.” #170228565
        • Add feedback to the paypal button in the website checkout so customers know what to do. #170228565
      • Movers
        • Remove the Up and Down slider on Movers QTY Box but retain the rule that only numeric characters should be entered in the box #170762496
      • House keeping
        • Remove stock_or_group_stock column #170209700

Should be completed in the coming month:

  • Rails 4 upgrade

Things we are working on that are likely to take longer:

  • Improved inwards goods.

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