Since the Last Update

This month saw a lot of sys admin and database optimization along with some rollbacks where the optimizations did not work. We resolved eWay issues , improved checkout, the forgot password process, file uploads (a big job) and customer orders with a new item based view and improved wish list contact management.


    • Sys admin
      • Move data migrations logs to redis  #3943
      • Database – Add missing indexes on dev environment to production. This is part of a larger database improvement and optimization project that itself fits into a bigger infrastructure upgrade. #172764319
      • Update the uat URL (alpha) so that pacstream testing can continue GH #3984
      • Database]· DB optimisations phase 1
      • Add circle_env select box to sites 172598938
      • DB Optimization] Migrate tables to InnoDB. 172757238
    • eWay
      • Disconnect the eWay integrated refund so it can be done manually. 172257461
    • Website
      • Add Google’s reCAPTCHA on website cart checkout page. This aims to stop hackers setting up accounts and then hitting payment gateways. #172515314
    • Pacstream
      • For Alpha3, point PACSTREAM to the pacstream UAT Server so they can perform diagnostic test about missing EDIs #172785042
    • APIs
      • Create API to search by barcode and return stock in a group. #171992585
      • Add category_id to SiteProduct API #172369163
      • Create configuration for Price and Availability external API. 172617078
      • Add pagination for sites to avoid the possibility of load spikes. 172599247
      • Create price and availability service using previous services configuration.172617157
      • Transform P&A Service setting into ProductEvents Service setting. 172953615
    • Forgot Password
      • Updated the password confirmation eMail template to not show the circlesoft domain. 172431896
    • Customer Orders
      • Customer Orders By items interface. Enables you to see all orders by title in addition to by customer. 169610841
      • Added improved printable picking list in customer orders accessible from list by item. 170615243
    • Checkout interface
      • Create an improved shipping address checkout stage. 172711049
    • Wish lists
      • Make default wish list sort by date with newest at the top. 172832257
      • Add a wish list sub menu to split out wishes that are dealt with an those that are not.172832376
    • File processing
      • Refactor file upload to make it faster and less power consuming. 172950764
    • OpenID
      • Create OpenID connection. 166491416

Should be completed in the coming month:

  • Tyro ecommerce integration
  • Database optimization

Things we are working on that are likely to take longer:

  • Rails 4 upgrade