Since the Last Update

Work in November has been focused on improving server performance and stability. We have completed a gift card integration with vii, and the Hachette price and availability integration. There are also some new things related to customer orders on beta that we would like you to try.

New Feature

  • Hachette API
    • We have connected to the Hachette API so you can get real time P&A directly from Hachette in the backoffice. Search a Hachette title, click (set) under distributor and you will see it at the top of the modal. (Video: 1.15)
  • Purchasing Budget
    • A ‘By Month’ report has been added to the Purchase Order tab to help with purchase budgeting. (Note this will only make sense if costs and/or sale prices are filled in at the time of ordering). (Video: 1.43)

Beta Test Requests

  • A Customer Order by supplier report is now on the Customer Orders tab. This report will help you follow up customer orders with suppliers and spot where CO’s have been put in but a purchase order has not. (Video: 2.03)
  • Rails 4


  • Accounts
    • A 14 Day option has been added to the Payment Terms: Backoffice > Settings > Financial and to each customer edit page.
    • Print Statement buttons have been reorganised to simplify printing standard and open invoice statements. Dates do not need to be set to print open invoice statements.
  • Agency
    • In the ongoing effort to eliminate agency setting errors we have added a note field requiring you to state a reason for the change. E.g. I checked with the agency; the publisher is on their site; this is the agency listed in TitlePage.
  • API
    • Create an API endpoint for KPI monthly sales.
  • Customers Orders
    • Added phone # to Order Hold and Reserve Stock printable receipts. (Previously just on the special order receipt).
  • Hachette API
    • Made the access key central so that getting Price and Availability from Hachette is automatic for all Circle stores. Test this by searching a Hachette title and clicking (set) in the distributor column. (Video: 1.15)
  • Movers
    • When you mouse over or tab onto a line it will be highlighted to improve looking across the data.
  • Prevent Category Loop
    • Added code to stop category loops by making a child a parent of a child. This causes load and stops inwards goods working.
  • Returns
    • Removed ‘Months from Invoice Date’ from the returns search and added ‘Months From Last Invoice Date’. This gives fewer results and is important for United returns that work on this basis.
  • Speed
    • We spotted a slow Inwards Goods query and improved it with an index.

Bug Fixes, Housekeeping and System Administration

Should be completed in the coming month:

  • Bug fixes and speed optimisations.
  • We will not be pushing anything big in December that can wait to January.

Things we are working on that are likely to take longer:

  • Customer order picking revamp
  • Rails 4.2 upgrade
  • Leading Edge Integration for order sending

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