From the things we said we would do last month we managed to get the following to beta.

  • New sales reports
  • Print customer name on the POS receipt
  • An integrated process for customer order deposits in the POS.

In addition we managed to get the following from the long term list to the short term list.

  • Leading Edge integration
  • SSL for all

Adding mover functions to PO search however is proving harder so this has been moved from the short term list to the long term list.

Improvements this month

  • Pacstream
    • Remove “spaces” automatically before sending shop SAN to PACSTREAM
  • SEO
    • Moved shipping to the shipping field from the sale price for Google Analytics eCommerce data.
    • Compressed images to improve page load speed. This is important for online shoppers and google rankings.
    • Set async true for javascript tags to decrease page load time.
  • Sys admin & House keeping
    • Setup a down for maintenance page for when we are doing server admin.
    • Removed a depreciated method that was causing errors on beta.
    • Add product type to the exceptions report
    • Improved data loading speeds for elastic search system.
    • Added resque loner for single_es queue to avoid duplicates
  • PO Cart
    • Add further process for removal of items (remove line item but leave attached Sales Orders intact)
  • POS > Download Mac Version Windows Version
    • In the customer order popup list all the orders not just the ones with deposits.
    • Display the deposit in the order select pop up that is part of the linking the POS to backoffice orders and deposits.
    • Improvements in the way rounding happens when there is a split payment between cash and eftpos.
    • POS was wiping price when RRP is 0 and a customer discount is added
    • Print customer name on the POS receipt
  • Label printing
    • Enabled Premium version for QZ Tray App. This enables you to remove the pop up warning when printing labels.
  • Reports
    • Move till adjustment etc to non tracked items to clean up stock reports.
    • Ignore items with negative stock
  • Click & Collect
    • Amalgamate the c&c notes and change the default to 48 hours. Settings > Field display
    • Add buyer e-mail syntax validation
    • If name is missing request additional account information in the landing page once the order has been placed.
    • Click & Collect no longer allows negative QTY
    • Add an option to disable click & collect. Settings > Field display
  • Vouchers
    • Voucher : unable to delete voucher, you now have the ability to immediately expire vouchers.

Bug Fixes

  • See www.twitter.com/circlesupport for all changes including bug fixes.

Plans for the coming Month

Continuing work that we would like to deliver and or bed in this month

  • Leading Edge integration
  • SSL for all

Things we are working on that are likely to take longer

  • Adding mover functions to PO search
  • Agency tweaks + move to link distributor to agency
  • New website layout + Bootstrap 3 upgrade
  • Customer order picking revamp to make it possible to pick, notify and print slips for all customers at once

New things we want to make a start on

  • Again we feel we have enough on our plate so will finish some more of what we have on the go before starting anything new.

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